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February 2021


Getting the Most Out of Low-Cost Solar and Wind

The steep decline in wind and solar generation costs in the past decade opens up new opportunities for electric utilities and their customers, but some vertically integrated utilities have been slow to take advantage of these low-cost resources. Utility regulators can act as a catalyst for translating market forces into savings for electricity customers and reductions in emissions. In a new paper, Fritz Kahrl and Max Dupuy outline seven practical strategies that public utility commissions can deploy to speed up the transition to renewables.



Trans-Atlantic Lessons From a Crisis in Texas

The winter storm that led to disastrous power outages across Texas last week prompted discussion around the world about how extreme weather may affect system reliability. In an article for EURACTIV, Michael Hogan examines the complex situation and recommends some concrete actions — useful to policymakers in both the United States and Europe — to improve planning and protect consumers.



Local Air Quality and RGGI’s Program Review

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has successfully reduced carbon dioxide and other emissions across its Northeastern member states, but important work can still be done to assist communities that are home to, or downwind from, fossil fuel power plants. Nancy Seidman and David Farnsworth write that the RGGI states can use this year’s program review process to prioritize air quality monitoring in these communities.



Extreme Weather and the Grid

Richard Sedano was a guest Feb. 18 on “Relocalizing Vermont,” a production of community radio station WGDR, discussing the Texas blackouts and what other states need to know about how more extreme weather may affect their power systems.

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Online Now: Renovating Regulation

In a webinar presentation on Jan. 28, Jessica Shipley and David Farnsworth, along with Asa Hopkins and Kenji Takahashi of Synapse Energy Economics, discussed their new guidebook on best policy practices to encourage building electrification.

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