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April 2021


How to get from a cottage industry to a million heat pumps a year

Countries around the world have been developing strategies to phase out petrol and diesel cars. What if a similar approach were used to incentivise the shift to clean heating? Authors from RAP, E3G and the University of Exeter explored just this in a recent report. The authors craft four central recommendations, based on policies for electric vehicles, to help the UK meet its goal of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028.



Preparing Europe for an electric car revolution

Electric vehicles provide benefits not only to their drivers but also to society, by improving air quality and making use of excess renewable energy on the power system. Europe can capture these benefits — with the right policy framework. In an interview with Stephen Cole on The Agenda, Jaap Burger delves into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mobility, the role of buildings in the EV revolution and the importance of demand-driven rollout of charging infrastructure.



Unlocking electrification through rebalancing levies and taxes

Consumers who want to switch to clean heat technologies such as heat pumps may face an unexpected barrier: higher fuel costs. Due to the current structure of taxes and levies, electricity is on average 3.3 times more expensive than fossil gas in most European countries. Jan Rosenow explains the origin of these structures, the regulatory reform required to remedy the imbalance, and ways to protect vulnerable households in the process.



Building a strategic essential charging network

A comprehensive, nationwide EV charging network may feel like a daunting prospect for policy makers as electric vehicles grow in popularity. Some jurisdictions are finding value in starting with an essential charging network and expect to expand their infrastructure with increased EV adoption. RAP’s Camille Kadoch and Julia Hildermeier say establishing this foundational network can enable strategic use of limited resources and help clear the way for the transition to private investment.



Pipe dream: Alleviating energy poverty with hydrogen

We know European countries need to reduce emissions from home heating: The world consumes more energy for heating than for any other use. Ensuring that this transition to proven, low-carbon resources is fair requires support to low-income households in the switch away from fossil gas. Hydrogen, in contrast, is not the dream solution that consumers are being sold. Louise Sunderland and Jan Rosenow explain why.



Webinar: Integrated solutions for electrification

The path to a climate-neutral Europe will be paved with a variety of solutions. Achieving net zero will require holistic planning processes tailored to local requirements. Learn about the approaches Denmark, Scotland and Germany are taking to integrate renewables, increase power system flexibility and lower emissions.

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Rosenow appointed advisor on UK government inquiry

It all started with Jan Rosenow’s persuasive arguments to the UK Parliament’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. As a result of his pitch, the committee launched an official inquiry into decarbonising heating in the UK. Now, RAP congratulates Jan on his recent appointment as special advisor on this inquiry.

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