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January 2021


Energy communities with grid benefits: A quest for a blueprint

As Europe moves towards a cleaner, greener future, proactive citizens are establishing more energy communities. This matters. Empowering individuals to make meaningful contributions to the energy transition increases energy democracy, helps alleviate energy poverty and increases the use of renewable energy. Bram Claeys analysed community energy business models and pilot projects to identify the tangible grid, system and societal benefits.



The value of energy efficiency as a grid resource

In the U.S., states piloting pay-for-performance schemes compensate consumers for the energy they do not use. When program participants make their buildings more energy efficient, they help improve reliability on the power system. Samuel Thomas and Filippos Anagnostopoulos highlight the potential of energy efficiency as a robust grid resource and encourage European decision-makers to follow the lead of their U.S. peers. This report is part of the Horizon 2020 project SENSEI.



Smart charging puts the pedal to the metal on e-mobility

Smart charging helps advance Europe’s goals to decarbonise the power system and electrify transport. Persuading consumers to shift electric vehicle charging to hours when the power system is not under stress generates benefits for the grid, the environment and all electricity customers. Find out more in the latest Electrification Academy webinar.



Innovative solutions for India's discoms

India’s electricity distribution companies (discoms) have a critical role to play in meeting the country’s ambitious clean energy goals. RAP and New Energy Nexus hosted a business model competition to bring entrepreneurs with new ideas to this challenge. Julia Pyper highlights the winners as part of a Green Tech Media series.

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I don’t think most people expect a long-term increase in electricity transmission costs because of the [energy] transition.” — Bram Claeys.


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