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February 2021


Fit for 55

Europe’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050 will take Herculean effort. The European Commission is crafting “Fit for 55,” a package of energy and climate laws designed to drive down emissions 55% by 2030. Stefan Scheuer Consulting, Öko-Institut and RAP analysed three policy instruments currently under debate: the Effort Sharing Regulation, EU Emissions Trading System and Article 7 Energy Efficiency Directive. The authors offer the best policy mix for cost-effective and equitable greenhouse gas reductions.



Getting the most from minimum energy performance standards

Discussions about the European Commission’s Renovation Wave tend to focus on the need to increase the rate of building renovation. The fact remains, however, that we must also drastically improve the depth of renovation to meet climate goals. Recognising this formidable challenge, the Commission will introduce mandatory minimum energy performance standards in 2021. Learn more about how national building sector stakeholders can work together to leverage this powerful policy to deliver maximum benefits.



Offshore wind as a European resource: Germany

The European Commission plans to increase Europe’s capacity for offshore wind from 12 GW to 300 GW by 2050. The success of this formidable endeavour depends on Member States developing wind energy collaboratively, as a European resource. By implementing a regional approach every step of the way, decision-makers can develop only the minimum infrastructure, at lowest cost, and operate it for the maximum benefit of European consumers (article in German).



Transition to 100% renewables

For the next instalment of our webinar series, we’re delighted to welcome Mark Jacobson, author of the book 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything. He will unpack the science, technology, economics, policy and social aspects of the transition to a clean energy future.

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Renovating building regulation: A handy guide

Heat pumps and other new technologies enable cheaper, more efficient electrification of space and water heating in buildings. But existing energy policies may present barriers to electrification. RAP and Synapse Energy Economics explore how to “renovate” regulation to better realise the full potential of flexible, grid-integrated buildings.

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“The energy savings obligation under the EED’s Article 7 will at least need to be doubled in order to meet the 55% climate goal.”Samuel Thomas.


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