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Signature Real Estate, the estate agency that received the ‘No FFC no commission’ ruling in the Cape High Court last year, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise financial support to have this ruling overturned.

New Act protects homebuyers far better against loss of money

Did you know that under the new Property Practitioners Act, one of the many changes will be that a consumer may claim their money back from property practitioners, even if they are trading without a valid FFC? Robert Krautkramer, director with legal firm Miltons Matsemela, expands on what the new Act says about who will need FFC’s to practice and the consequences of not having a valid certificate.


Speakers Corner

The new Property Practitioners Act says that a property practitioner must have tax clearance to qualify for a fidelity fund certificate, without which he can’t trade legally. What happens if you happen to be in a dispute with SARS asks Lauren Frizelle.


How to make your business more sellable

You’ve invested years of your life to build up your own brand for your estate agency but now the time has come to sell your business. How sellable is your business?


5 essentials to remain relevant in modern real estate

Life today moves fast, superfast. Yesterday’s ‘wow’ quickly becomes today’s ‘ordinary’ and this concept rings true for real estate industries who want to remain relevant in today’s world.



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