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September 2020


EV charging infrastructure in Europe: A clear path for a competitive market

To boost the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe, users need to know they can rely on a robust market for charging services. The question of the day, however, is where, how much and what types of infrastructure are needed. Dr. Julia Hildermeier provides key recommendations and considerations for policymakers seeking to build a competitive, consumer-driven charging market.



Extended ETS outperforms carbon border adjustment

European think tank Bruegel called the European Commission’s proposed carbon border adjustment "much pain, little gain." RAP’s Zsuzsanna Pató teamed with László Szabó and András Mezősi of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Analysis (REKK) to model the implications of this carbon tax versus an extension of Europe’s Emissions Trading System. The authors found the extended ETS more effective for reducing CO2 emissions and integrating energy exporting countries into the European power market.



P4P schemes for energy efficiency: A new tool to support the renovation wave

Increasing the energy efficiency of Europe’s buildings is critical for reaching climate goals, and investment in building renovation can strongly support economic recovery. Pay-for-performance (P4P) schemes for energy efficiency are one way to provide greater certainty for medium-term investments. In this 10-minute video developed for the Horizon 2020 project SENSEI, Marion Santini explains how P4P schemes work and how they can be replicated to support the building renovation wave in the EU.


Global Insights

Why would anyone finance another coal power plant in China?

Government officials and state-owned energy enterprises in China are debating another wave of coal power investment, despite a severely diminished business case for the technology. In a guest post for Carbon Brief, Max Dupuy shares insights on the ways that power sector reforms and broader economic and financial policies affect incentives — and what can be done to head off new coal investments.

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Senior renewables expert Bram Claeys joins RAP Europe programme

RAP is delighted to announce it has hired Bram Claeys, a prominent leader in renewable energy in Belgium, for its Europe programme. Mr. Claeys is a seasoned analyst who brings deep experience from Europe and the United States to bear on advancing renewable energy policy and the energy transition.

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“We need new policies.” — Louise Sunderland, speaking on how to increase renovation rates in Europe.


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