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July 2020


Striking a Balance on EE Cost Recovery

Energy efficiency remains the lowest-cost resource, but unfortunately it is sometimes viewed as an added cost. An innovative approach to program cost recovery and utility incentive mechanisms can reward performance and achievement of outcomes while protecting ratepayers. In a recent blog post, RAP’s Janine Migden-Ostrander and Martin Kushler of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy propose such an approach.



Cutting-Edge Cost Allocation Reform

With dramatically better data available, utility cost studies should better reflect changing technologies, cost and usage patterns. The work of making this happen is largely that of the technical analysts who prepare such studies — but regulators can set the bar high with regard to policy and oversight. Our blog series on Electric Cost Allocation for a New Era wraps up with a discussion of what regulators can do to modernize cost allocation approaches.



Minimum Standards for EU's “Renovation Wave”

Decarbonizing the building stock is a key part of Europe’s plan for achieving a net-zero economy by 2030. Minimum energy performance standards for buildings can play a pivotal role in generating the necessary momentum, but financing, technical support and equity measures are needed as well. In a new report, Louise Sunderland and Marion Santini describe a framework for making building decarbonization a reality.



Effective Structures for Energy Ecosystems

Richard Sedano was the guest on a recent episode of Grid Forward’s podcast series, chatting with host Bryce Yonker about a range of topics including the future of performance-based regulation, increasing customer and grid resiliency, and solutions for making energy provision more equitable.



Equity Solutions for a Clean-Energy Future

In a webinar hosted by the Community Action Partnership, Nancy Seidman co-presented on key findings from a new report on energy equity and public health.

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Decoupling Design Options for States

In a presentation to the Coalition of Sustainable Communities NM, a network of local governments across New Mexico, Janine Migden-Ostrander discussed decoupling and how it can be customized to a state’s particular needs.

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