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April 2020


“First Steps” and Other EV Resources

While current public health and economic challenges may pose a temporary roadblock, it seems clear that the long-term future of the transportation sector lies in electrification. A new paper looks at “first steps” states are taking to pave the way for the EV transition, and in a blog post, David Farnsworth highlights that paper along with RAP colleagues’ work on EV model legislation and performance incentives.



Continuing RAP’s Work During COVID-19

For many, the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most difficult times we have ever faced. Concerns for family and community are paramount, but at the same time RAP’s staff remains committed to accelerating the transition to clean energy. In a video message, CEO Richard Sedano talks about how we’ve adjusted our work and remain available to help policymakers, regulators and others.



A Modern Approach to the Marginal Cost Study

In considering the cost of utility service, a few states go beyond embedded cost of service studies, choosing to look ahead and consider marginal costs. Our exploration of key topics from RAP’s Electric Cost Allocation for a New Era manual continues with a look at marginal cost study techniques and how to update them for the modern power system.



Principles for Smart Heat Electrification

Heating in buildings is responsible for almost one-third of total energy demand in the European Union, and around 75% of heat is still produced by burning fossil fuels. Dr. Jan Rosenow and Dr. Richard Lowes write that while the challenge of transitioning to clean heating is formidable, Europe can act now to achieve this transition in a cost-effective and equitable way — delivering benefits to the energy system and society as a whole.



Cost Allocation and Accounting

In a webinar presentation to members of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance, Jim Lazar and Mark LeBel discussed the recommendations of Electric Cost Allocation for a New Era and how accounting practices can be updated for the modern grid.

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Engaging Utilities on Solar Development

In a webinar presentation to advisors for the SolSmart initiative, Dr. Carl Linvill discussed utility engagement strategies to reduce barriers to the development of solar energy.

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