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February 2020


Polish coal boiler phase-out: An inspiration for clean heat

Think big. This is how Poland is approaching the transition to clean heat. Between 2021 and 2026, the regional governments will ban the use of boilers and stoves that burn coal and wood. To support this radical change, Poland also committed to a 10-year, 25 billion euro building retrofit programme. If well implemented, the scheme can provide vast health, climate, economic and other benefits. Learn how this transformational programme could serve as an inspiration for the European energy transition.



Rewarding energy efficiency for system services through markets

Energy efficiency provides multiple benefits to power systems, yet is often undervalued. A study led by RAP, as part of the Horizon 2020 project SENSEI, examines the three main mechanisms for rewarding efficiency as an energy system resource in the United States and Europe. Explore practices the authors recommend for boosting energy efficiency in the European Union.

The SENSEI project fosters innovative schemes for financing energy efficiency in the EU.



Defining and contextualizing Efficiency First

Efficiency First is not just another name for energy efficiency. It is a decision-making tool that explicitly and systematically considers demand-side alternatives before locking in new supply-side infrastructure. A report — led by RAP for the Horizon 2020 project ENEFIRST — dives deep into Efficiency First and its critical role in the energy transition, offering options for its practical application in the EU.

ENEFIRST aims at making Efficiency First operational for the building sector and related energy systems.



RAP hires Marion Santini for Europe programme

Energy and environmental policy expert Marion Santini has joined RAP’s Europe programme. Well versed in EU legislative processes, she primarily advises policymakers and energy sector stakeholders on energy efficiency, beneficial electrification of heating, and accelerating the pace of decarbonisation. We’re delighted to welcome Ms. Santini to the team.

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Electric cost allocation for a new era

The clean energy transition is delivering new technology and services to distribution systems: distributed energy resources, smart metering, EV charging, storage systems and more. In a groundbreaking manual, RAP offers solutions that address these developments when assigning electric utilities’ costs equitably across consumer classes. These universal principles also provide important recommendations for the European context.

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