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October 2019


Measuring Health Benefits of the "Layer Cake"

The health benefits of reducing criteria pollutants have been quantified in numerous studies, consistently at a significant economic value. But placing a value on the ability of energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce these pollutants has been more technically challenging — so most cost-effectiveness testing leaves it out, yielding a value of zero. New research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the ability to change that, and Jim Lazar and Nancy Seidman have some ideas about how policymakers can put the EPA data to work.



How Cities Pair Solar and Electrified End Uses

Communities in Minnesota, California, and Vermont offer examples of benefits to be gained when solar energy is deployed alongside electric water heating, home efficiency improvements, and innovative rate design. In a poster presentation at the Solar Power International conference, Dr. Carl Linvill discussed what makes electrification beneficial and highlighted innovative utility and community programs.



Revenue Recycling in the Czech Republic

Public debates on climate strategy tend to focus on carbon pricing. How we spend carbon revenues, however, can be much more important in driving emission reductions. Louise Sunderland presents a case study of the Czech Republic, where 10 years of dedicating carbon revenues from Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs generated proven carbon reductions and positive returns to the economy.



Decoupling: Options for New Hampshire

Mark LeBel explored the benefits of revenue regulation with the New Hampshire Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Energy Board in a recent presentation in Concord.

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Integrating Markets and Microgrids

At the Virginia Clean Energy Summit in Richmond, David Farnsworth joined a panel that discussed the growth of customer-sited microgrids and how they interact with grid operators.

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