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July 2019


Market Design for Rapid Decarbonization

A new series of policy papers from Energy Innovation considers ways wholesale power markets can adapt to the renewable energy transition. As part of this series, RAP’s Michael Hogan and co-author Rob Gramlich advocate for a central spot market and active decentralized forward procurement — a flexible approach that can ensure resource adequacy and keep costs low.



Join Us July 16: Funding Roads in the EV Era

As states seek to close the gap in funding for the growing cost of road construction and maintenance, some are applying high registration fees to electric vehicles. Instead, a variety of approaches should be considered to better allocate costs and encourage clean transportation. Mark LeBel and Jim Lazar, along with Karen Glitman of the Center for Sustainable Energy, will map out some of these routes.



Doing the Math on the Gas-to-Electric Switch 

When Jan Rosenow replaced his UK home’s gas boiler with an air-source heat pump, and then shared the news on social media, some commenters were skeptical about the carbon savings. So he crunched the numbers to confirm: Even early retirement of a well-functioning gas heating system can have environmental benefits – though efficiency upgrades must happen at the same time.



When Markets Leave Value on the Table

In a presentation to ISO New England’s Consumer Liaison Group, David Littell discussed the grid benefits of advanced clean technologies and how current market constructs do not convey the value of this benefit to ratepayers.

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Integrated Resource Planning: Keys to Success

In a presentation to the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, David Farnsworth and Jessica Shipley provided an in-depth look at the components of a successful integrated resource planning process.

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