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June 2019


Performance-based regulation: Aligning incentives with clean energy outcomes

Placing consumers at the heart of the energy transition is central to the regulatory reforms in the Clean Energy for All Europeans legislation. As the EU works toward an integrated, liberalised and competitive electricity system, regulation needs to change in tandem. Performance-based regulation can provide incentives to network operators to deliver outcomes consistent with public policy goals, the clean energy transition and more traditional concerns such as reliable and affordable electricity supply.



Accelerating the benefits of electric vehicle integration

We’re seeing more and more electric vehicles on European roads. Not only a clean way to get from point A to point B, they can offer extensive benefits for all consumers, the power grid and the environment. The key is integrating EVs strategically into the grid. Join us on 3 July for a webinar with Dr. Julia Hildermeier and Christos Kolokathis, who will share three main strategies for unlocking the vast opportunities associated with EV grid integration.



Why I replaced my new gas boiler with a heat pump

The best path to lowering one’s own carbon emissions is not always obvious. Even the experts have to put the numbers to the test — and sometimes the results are surprising. For Dr. Jan Rosenow, the quickest way to save energy and carbon from home heating was replacing his gas condensing boiler before the end of its useful life. Find out more about the rationale behind this decision.



Three strategies for integrating electric vehicles into the grid

Dr. Julia Hildermeier and Andreas Jahn outline best practices for integrating electric vehicles strategically into the power grid. By addressing the energy and transport transitions at the same time, we can capture extensive benefits for all electricity consumers, the environment and the grid.

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RAP leads the way at eceee 2019 summer study

At the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s 2019 summer study, energy efficiency specialists explored solutions to rising energy consumption and the lack of ambition by Member States in reducing demand. RAP experts led seven sessions at this premier event.

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Smart rates for public power customers

Public power utilities across the United States offer examples of smart rate design suited to local conditions. RAP’s Jim Lazar highlights selected cases in an article in Leadership in Rate Design, a set of essays published by the American Public Power Association.

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