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May 2019

Electric vehicles

Three smart ways to integrate EVs

More electric vehicles will be on our roads in the coming years. Luckily, promising practices are emerging in Europe and beyond for integrating electric vehicles into the grid and advancing the clean mobility and energy transitions. With a holistic strategy for integration, policymakers can address drivers’ mobility demands while meeting the needs of an increasingly flexible and decentralised electricity grid. Smart tariffs, smart technology and smart infrastructure are crucial for success. 



Decarbonising heat in buildings in Germany and New England

Decarbonising building heat presents both a significant opportunity and challenge to policymakers. Due to carbon emissions from the fuel they use, buildings are a critical target for energy efficiency. Increasing efficiency and the use of low-carbon energy technologies can help deliver a clean energy system. RAP examines heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency in buildings in Germany and New England, two regions that have established sophisticated policies and set ambitious targets.



Beneficial electrification of water heating: Making the switch

Water heating accounts for a considerable portion of residential energy bills — and today it can take far less energy to heat a litre of water with electricity than with fossil fuel. This paper in RAP’s Electrification in the Public Interest series explores how switching to heat pump or electric resistance water heaters can save consumers money, help grid operators and reduce emissions.



Energy efficiency obligations: An introduction

At a Paris event organised by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Dr. Jan Rosenow provided insight into energy efficiency obligations. He shared recommendations for programme design and illustrated how this instrument can trigger significant energy savings and public and private investment.

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Retail markets, distribution grids and end consumers in Germany

As part of a trans-Atlantic exchange, regulators and utility experts from the United States met with German experts to share knowledge on power markets and energy regulation. Andreas Jahn provided an overview of retail markets, distribution systems, tariff design and regulatory structures in Germany.

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