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JalKalp: a sustainable solution for clean drinking water 
Water is the very essence of human survival. But more than 163 million people in India, the highest number of any country in the world, do not have access to clean water. Even where there is abundance of water resources, the ongoing struggle is accessing clean and safe drinking water. Read more . . .  


Reforming farmers and farming through mechanization
With the ever-growing population, Indian farmers constantly strive to increase their production; but consistent challenges include the increasing cost of production and the lack of exposure, among others. Farm mechanization means the use of appropriate machines in agriculture in lieu of traditional approaches. Read more . . . 


Legal Literacy Camps: A collaborative model of NGO and District Legal Services Authorities and law schools form a unique and prominent component of Sehgal Foundation’s Good Rural Governance program that strengthens citizen participation to bring about mass awareness, empowerment, and capacity enhancement to ensure increased justice to end poverty, reduce inequality, and create conditions for shared and sustainable prosperity.

Focus on Sehgal Foundation team member: Nasir Hussain 
A father to four daughters, Nasir Hussain, an experienced staff member of Sehgal Foundation, firmly believes in raising his daughters to be capable and well-equipped to take charge of their lives. He knows that women have a crucial role to play in the nation’s development. Read more . . .  

Recognition for Dr. Kamal Bawa

Congratulations to Sehgal Foundation Trustee and ATREE President, Dr. Kamal Bawa, who has been elected to the American Philosophical Society and will also receive an honorary Doctorate of Science degree from Concordia University, Montreal, on June 10, 2019. Read more . . . 

Read Dr. Bawa's published interview in Connect . . . Without biodiversity, our survival is at stake!  


Launch of Project Samridhi 
Pernod Ricard India Foundation (PRIF) in collaboration with S M Sehgal Foundation (Sehgal Foundation) has launched its philanthropic project “Samridhi” in Behror block, of Alwar, Rajasthan. The project seeks to capture, conserve, and harvest rainwater with the construction of watershed structures; and to improve farm livelihoods to bring prosperity to more than 8,000 villagers around the plant with the promotion of water-saving agriculture practices, and by providing digital literacy and life skills education for youth. Read more . . . 

School renovation Moonpur
A government school in village Moonpur, district Alwar, Rajasthan, renovated under the Mosaic-supported project Krishi Jyoti was inaugurated on May 9, 2019, amidst a large community gathering. The school was renovated to provide a stimulating learning environment for schoolchildren as part of ongoing work with the farmers on best agriculture practices. Ms. Jenny Wang, vice president, Global Product Management & International Distribution; Mr. Robin Edwin, managing director, and Mr. Shashikant Bhende from Mosaic; and Ms. Anjali Makhija, chief operating officer, Sehgal Foundation, addressed the community.


Schoolchildren in district Alwar, Rajasthan, love coming to school now after the school renovation work supported under Transform Lives one school at a time. Their confidence is growing with greater exposure. The latest project to build their strength is the Igniting Innovation initiative that joined forces with the Transform Lives initiative. 
Promoted by Sehgal Foundation trustee, Dr. Ganesan Balachander, the project teaches schoolchildren about innovation using the concept of kitchen gardens. Students are ably growing kitchen gardens on school premises and learning agricultural know-how along with water-saving techniques. These kitchen gardens inspire students to establish kitchen gardens at home as well. Gopi from Government Senior Secondary School took an active part in the school’s kitchen garden plantation and upkeep in village Bhandwada. She shares, “The use of organic manure and drip irrigation was unique for our kitchen garden.”

Be part of this powerful change for more rural schoolchildren!
Your donation of any amount will be matched 1:1 by Dr. Suri Sehgal and Mrs. Edda Sehgal to transform more children’s lives.


Let us strengthen democracy together
By Arti M. Grover
Fifty radio producers from twenty-five radio stations in sixteen states produced content in ten languages, exemplifying participation as the key to good governance. Several initiatives taken by the Election Commission for voter education demonstrate inclusion across all levels. Read more . . . 


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