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The financial sustainability of faith-based schools is an important issue for school administrators and the community that depends on its services.

Dr. Mark Beadle recently published a new article that shares a framework for financing Christian schools and ideas to expand academic services online to improve the bottom line.

Visit our blog to discover four pro forma options that Christian schools can use to fund the innovation of adding online courses to their face-to-face schools.

New Course Releases

French 3
A new version of French 3 recently replaced our previous version of the course. This new course is approved by NCAA, UC, and features updated biblical integration.

Chinese 3
Chinese 3 is a new addition to the Sevenstar catalog. It is approved by NCAA and UC, but it does not have biblical integration at this time. The plan is to release a new version of Chinese 3 with biblical integration before August 1, 2020.

Course Titles Updated to Improve Consistency

Sevenstar has updated 24 course titles to better align with industry standards and match the course titles that are approved by UC and NCAA. Please note the following changes:

Previous Title New Title
American GovernmentUS Government
CR American Government
CR US Government 
American History US History
CR American HistoryCR US History
Biology 1Biology
CR Biology 1 CR Biology
Chemistry 1Chemistry
CR Chemistry 1 CR Chemistry
English 9-12
English 1-4
CR English 9-12
CR English 1-4
Game Design 1Game Design
MS Language Arts 6-8
MS Language Arts 1-3
MS Physical Education 8MS Physical Education
Physics 1Physics
Psychology 1Psychology

Explore Online Solutions for Summer and Fall

We recently presented an overview of our online programs for summer and fall, as well as a product development update for 2019. 

The recording is available to learn about our fall solutions and dual credit cohorts. It's also not too late to enroll students in summer credit recovery and enrichment!


Welcome to Our New Partner Schools

Thank you, Lord, for blessing Sevenstar with the opportunity to serve these schools with online Christian education:

Upcoming Conferences for School Leaders

Please contact us if you would like to discuss online education with one of our experts at an upcoming event.


News from Around the Web

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As a school leader, you may have heard that what happens at the college level often impacts high schools. Recently, Ryan Bredow of Grand Canyon University proposed the idea that today’s Christian high school is like yesterday’s Christian college. Read more to consider the implications for your school.

Top Ten Myths About Online Learning
More than a decade ago, iNACOL released a list of "Top Ten Myths about Virtual Schools". In an effort to address some of the misinformation recently published about K-12 online learning, CANeLearn updated the list of myths and provided examples from a Canadian context. Read More

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