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Issue 151 - July 2019 

  • Women in Credit: Mastering a Career in Credit
  • D/P, D/A and Their Use in International Sales Transactions 
  • Country Risk Report: Kuwait

Women in Credit: Mastering a Career in Credit
Juliana Brownell, International Credit Manager for Land O’Lakes, Inc. has over seven years of experience in the credit and collections field, having started her career in collections before transitioning into the credit side of the business with Land O’Lakes.       

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D/P, D/A and Their Use in International Sales Transactions
Most sellers are very familiar with Open Account (O/A) and Letter of Credit (L/C)transactions. Between these two poles are two lesser-known transaction types:Documents Against Payment (D/P) and Documents Against Acceptance (D/A). Both rely on an instrument widely used in international trade called a bill of exchange or draft.
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Country Risk Report: Kuwait 
Kuwait has a small, relatively open economy dominated by the oil industry and government sector. Approximately 90% of the Kuwaiti citizen labor force works in the public sector, and 90% of private sector workers are non-Kuwaitis.

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Did You Know:
The name August was given by Roman emperor August in 8BC. Until then, the Romans called August "Sextilis" meaning the sixth month of their calendar.    

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."
- Robin Williams (1951 - 2014) 
An American actor and comedian.  


Juliana Brownell, Land O'Lakes


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