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Ipswitch has released an updated version of MOVEit Cloud as of June 6th, 2019 called MOVEit Cloud Dedicated. This version provides MOVEit in a hosted environment with computing resources dedicated to each customer, supports both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.

  • Reduced Deployment Timethere’s no need to provision your own server, install software, etc. You get immediate performance as soon as you initiate the service, which can save you hours of setup & deployment time. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility – you can accommodate your organization’s needs as they change and evolve. If your current volume of transfers triples overnight it’s not a problem as Cloud MFT can add additional capacity on demand. Of course you’re going to need to pay for that additional capacity, but that’s also an advantage. 
  • Pay As You Go Pricing – buying hardware, setting it up, maintaining it and purchasing software licenses is an expensive capital expenditure. Paying for a monthly Cloud MFT service is a lot easier to initiate and a lot easier to scale. Bear in mind also that the Cloud MFT software, upgrades and maintenance are built into that monthly cost so there are not going to be any expensive surprises there.

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