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Your Weekly Leadership HVA (High Value Activity)

Hello Lifelong Learner ...

Here's the next in our series of weekly managerial TIPS (Techniques, Insights, and Practical Solutions) to help you better engage your team in the activities that lead to higher performance.

CORE Bites #3: It's unfortunate how often employees fail to recognize the tenable connection between their day-to-day activities ... and the results they produce by doing these activities. This disconnect frequently occurs because employees are busyoften on multiple projects/tasks simultaneouslyand because they're doing a lot of 'stuff' (activities), they may not be able to discern the specific activities or behaviors that lead to, or drive, the best outcomes. This means less efficiency andpotentiallysuboptimal performance.

HVA Action Step: This week (starting today), make sure you include 'Activity/Outcome' statements in your communications with employees (especially when reinforcing activities you'd like to see repeated!). For example, "Stephanie, by including a list of recommendations in the status report [Activity Statement] it was easy for us to determine the best course of action to take [Outcome Statement]. Thank you!" or "Miguel, the level of empathy and compassion you demonstrated during that call [Activity Statement] really helped to defuse that situation and calm down that upset customer [Outcome Statement]. Nice work!"

Activity/Outcome statements help employees recognize the best practices that get the best results. I'd love to hear how this HVA works for you!

Have a brilliant day ... and enjoy the journey!

Neil Dempster, PhD, MBA

RESULTant and Behavioral Engineer


"Don’t mistake activity for achievement!" — John Wooden 


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