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Your Weekly Leadership HVA (High Value Activity)

Hello Lifelong Learner ...

Here's your weekly tip/idea/technique to help you better engage your team in the activities that lead to higher performance.

CORE Bites #2: Some of you may like to snow ski but even if you don't, this metaphor will resonate with you and make for a great inspirational message for your team. Here's the metaphor: There's a natural tendency for inexperienced skiers to lean back as the terrain gets more difficult heading down a mountain. That's not only the wrong thing to do ... it can be very dangerous. The correct approach is to lean forward into the mountain because it's the tips of the skis that ‘communicate' what's coming up. This allows the skier to respond quickly to the changing terrain. Conversely, when someone leans back the skis are communicating ‘history' ... in essence, information about the terrain that's already been traveled over giving no indication of what's ahead.

HVA Action Step: This week (starting today!) identify employees who may have a natural tendency to ‘lean back' and use this metaphor to encourage some expansive or innovative thinking. Chat with them about the rich learning that results from routinely trying something new or doing something different. Inspire them to step outside of their personal comfort zone to expand and grow from additional breadth and depth experiences. Status quo thinking (e.g., leaning back) may be comfortable ... but COMFORT never produced GREATNESS!

Have a brilliant day ... and enjoy the journey!

Neil Dempster, PhD, MBA

RESULTant and Behavioral Engineer


"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." — Benjamin Franklin 


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