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The month of Love


    Did you know, you don’t have to do anything or BE anything for Love, except Be YOU? That comes easily as a child, but as an adult we forget sometimes. There’s expectations from friends, family, and we may feel we have to earn Love. We must remember to connect with that unconditional love of Spirit and know- if it doesn’t get done, if I make a mistake- I still deserve Love. I'm still Lovable when I don't feel my best, when I’m sick, when I’m sad or don't feel successful. Love doesn’t fluctuate with goals or emotions.

                     *Love is.

    Take a look at your relationships. How many people will love you no matter what? Do you love yourself no matter what? How do you show yourself love? Forgiveness, self care, listening to and trusting yourself are all ways to love yourself.

     How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. Be kind, honest, caring, compassionate- whatever you want to receive in your relationships, Be that to yourself. Our internal world reflects our external world. 

  To create a more loving world, we must look at others through the eyes of Love- and it begins with ourselves. Look at You through those eyes. Let go of that within you that's not loving, Let in the Love that you are, and then share it with others.

When you’re connected with and open to that Divine Unconditional Love that is ALL, there is healing- for yourself, and for the world.

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and Say this: I love you (your name), thank you for being you!


                                                                                   Much Love,


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