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Supporting Small Business with KIVA Hub Partnership

Colorado Lending Source cares about small business and being a resource to the community. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we are already seeing the negative economic impacts on small businesses. To continue supporting our community we have partnered with Kiva to become their newest hub and offer an innovative new micro-loan product!

We want to make access to affordable capital as simple and impactful as possible during these challenging times. Partnering with Kiva means we are able to extend 0% interest loans without fees for small business and entrepreneurs, up to $15,000! The process is simple and transparent, and our Capital Access Manager, Rachael Sall, is here to help!



What do you need to apply?

Gather financial and business information: 

  • Calculate your monthly credit card payments, mortgage or rent, and other debt payments, as well as checking your credit score    
  • Proof of Business - State Filing or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Be ready to describe yourself and your business: 
  • Write out your personal & business description - outline what your business does, what you will do with the loan, and how it will help your business
  • Find a photo of yourself that clearly shows you and your business

If you’re a small business owner who believes you can benefit from a Kiva loan, or you know one in your community, please reach out to Denver's Kiva Hub Capital Access Manager, Rachael Sall, via email,  phone, or text.

Response to COVID-19 Crisis for Small Business

Despite our physical office being closed we are continuing business as usual which means all of our funding options are still available, and at record low interest rates! 

Effective immediately, applicants for Kiva loans will have access to the following: expanded eligibility terms, larger loan amounts up to $15,000, and grace periods up to 6 months for greater financial flexibility during this difficult time.

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