To Re-imagine Healthcare Think Outside the Hospital
Why is the healthcare system broken in almost every part of the world? Why pumping in more money or resources into the system doesn’t seem to solve the problem? Are we looking for the solutions in the wrong place? Is there a new way to address the challenges?
Indians' Myths During Pregnancy and Lactation
Papaya & pineapple is unsafe during pregnancy. Unripe papaya contains a latex substance called chymopapain and pepsin which is linked to uterine contractions and unsafe if eaten and pineapple has an enzyme called bromelian which may lead to uterine contractions,
SAANs for Respiratory Distress of New-born
The Bengaluru-based Coeo Labs launched a revolutionary device to treat respiratory distress of new-born babies in February 2019. The device called Saans  is affordable and has the following unique features:
Work in Progress
Here’s the monthly field report of SAM volunteers and staff as they engage with communities to address pregnancy and child related challenges in villages. Their intervention objectives are:
To brief the participants about the

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