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August 2019 Edition

Back to School and Back to Business
by Dawn Varga
August 22, 2019

It's the end of summer and Back to School season for kids and teachers across the country. It's the time to start fresh with a new school year where students can learn and grow through new experiences, new knowledge and new friendships. Companies should use this time of year to do the same for their businesses. It's time to get Back to Business!

back to business

So,what am I suggesting? Well, just as a student starts a new school year with optimism and the desire to excel, learn new things and meet new people, a business owner should view this as a time to take inventory of their business and make improvements that will propel their company to the next level. We often get bogged down in the day-to-day activities that keep our businesses running. We need to take a little time to evaluate ourselves and our business practices and learn from our past experiences and create opportunities for new business and upward growth

Here are a few simple ways to have a fresh start as you get Back to Business:

  1. Evaluate the feedback you have received from your customers and take action to make improvements on the problem areas that seem to come up over and over. “What feedback?” you ask. Any and all feedback from customer surveys, online reviews, social media comments, emails,phone calls, text messages, letters, you name it! Don’t feel you have enough data to make good decisions about the areas needing improvement?  Then this is the time to put a program in place to request and collect valuable customer feedback. For example, OnTarget Digital Services’ Send A Survey mobile application is an inexpensive and effective way to survey your customers and gather both online reviews and critical feedback.
  2. Update your company’s website with a fresh new look, new content and updated information about your products and services. When was the last time you made updates to your website? Does it look like it was created 20 years ago? Have you made changes or additions to your products and services that aren’t reflected on your website? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it probably time for an update. And, as an additional benefit,you can use the launch of a new or updated website as a promotion to get people to visit your site. Of course, if you need some help make these updates,OnTarget offers website design services at a very cost-effective price.
  3. Try something new in your advertising campaigns. Are you only advertising in print or on radio or TV? Then you should start a digital ad campaign on Google or Facebook. Digital search advertising has overtaken traditional advertising in importance, so it is necessary for businesses to participate in order to be competitive. Already advertising online? Then maybe it’s time to try a different approach within your digital ads such as adding video or incorporating remarketing techniques. If you don’t know how to create digital ad campaigns, then consult a professional like OnTarget Digital Services to manage your campaigns for you.
Just as schools and teachers need to keep up with the latest developments in core educational techniques to benefit their students’ growth, companies need to keep up with the latest developments in business data and technology to ensure their growth as well. Without setting goals and making time for continuous improvement, businesses will fall behind their competition instead if advancing with them. Take the time today to get your company Back to Business!


Customer Relations: 5 Tips to Win Back Lost Customers

by Marcia Layton Turner

May 2019

Companies lose an estimated 10% to 25% of their customers each year, depending on which expert you talk to. These losses are often due to factors the business can control, such as the buying experience. Winning back lost customers can often be achieved by changing how employees interact with them. 

win back customers

According to customer service strategist Adam Toporek, 82% of U.S. consumers stopped doing business with companies for three main reasons: 73% encountered rude staff members, 55% experienced an issue that wasn't resolved quickly, and 51% were frustrated with uninformed staff members.The good news is that losing a customer doesn't have to be permanent. Many can be wooed back with minor effort. Here are five tips for persuading former customers to do business with you again. CONTINUE TO THE 5 TIPS




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