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June 2019 Edition

OnTarget Digital Services, LLC Announces Another New Program
Helping Businesses Increase Online Referrals and Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

Canyon Lake, Jun 24, 2019 ( - OnTarget Digital Services, LLC launched its digital marketing services company back in January 2019 to help businesses develop a positive online image and search presence. This month, they are announcing another new program to increase online referrals and gain valuable feedback from their clients’ customers.

OnTarget Digital Services’ customers now have access to fully-customized point-of-sale printed materials offering that integrates with their successful survey application. The printed materials help the business with branding, website awareness, and most importantly providing QR code links for customers to easily access the company’s survey to provide valuable feedback. 

"Our Send A Survey mobile app and full-service Reputation Management program have provided great results for our valued clients,” says Tina Inkrote, Managing Partner of OnTarget Digital Services. "We love innovating to find new ways to help our clients achieve online success with a fully-integrated digital marketing program."  

Add this new POS materials service to an already powerful and effective platform for monitoring reviews and reporting survey activity as well as the Send A Survey mobile app (available on both Android and Apple), and you have a complete package for any business looking to improve or maintain their online reputation. 

In addition to their Reputation Management program, OnTarget offers a variety of other marketing services including search marketing, social media management, graphic design, search engine optimization, email marketing, website design, and online content creation. To learn more about the full suite of services OnTarget has to offer, and find out how they can help your business, please contact them here.  

Dawn Varga, Managing Partner of OnTarget Digital Services states, “Our products and services provide a great value and high ROI for our clients, and our customer service is second to none.” 

About OnTarget Digital Services, LLC

Headquartered in Canyon Lake, California, OnTarget Digital Services is a digital marketing services provider for SMBs and SMEs. The managing partners have over 15 years of experience in online digital marketing, social media and reputation management. The company created the Send A Survey mobile app, a valuable tool for companies to obtain feedback and referrals from their customers. OnTarget’s personalized approach is to partner with their clients, deliver exceptional customer service and top-notch results, and become an essential extension of their business.


Forget Delight, Customers Just Want Their Expectations Met

By Vikas Mittal

August 20,2018 

American Marketing Association article link 

Special treatment can provide momentary satisfaction, but research shows the sustainable and more effective way to make customers happy is to simply avoid disappointing them 

Many executives believe that managing their customers’experience will improve customer satisfaction and sales. Yet attempts to articulate customer experience typically yield little to no actionable insights. This is because many companies think of customer experience as a subjective exercise that cannot be precisely defined. But customer experience can be precisely defined and measured in terms of the things that satisfy and dissatisfy customers.

For the last two decades, marketing scholars have developed algorithms to statistically identify satisfier and dissatisfier attributes of customer experience. My colleagues and I have analyzed hundreds of attributes in dozens of industries to identify satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Our research reveals how satisfiers and dissatisfiers can be used to analyze customer experience.

Attributes are defined by their impact on overall customer satisfaction. Typically, satisfier attributes are hedonic, sensorial, “nice to have” attributes of a product or service that are not considered critical to the basic utility customers get. At a hotel, a chocolate on your pillow would be a satisfier attribute. Dissatisfier attributes are fundamental aspects of customer experiences, must-haves that deliver the basic utility customers expect from the product or service experience. At a doctor’s office, an accurate diagnosis is a dissatisfier attribute. 




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