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In the Depth is Light

Have you ever gone Deep in meditation and felt oneness with Spirit? Well, I went Deep and was reminded of the gifts in the depth. This is what I heard:

Dive deep my friends, into the ocean that you are. Feel yourself whole. Breathe into that peace- oneness with everything. Let go of fear, of whatever holds you back from being all you are.

WE fear to go deep- afraid of who we really are. Afraid to see who others really are. But we’re all the same- Divinity experiencing this reality. It's time to come together as divine souls and celebrate our oneness.

Divinity has not separated us- man has. Humanity created labels and separation, and all that does is mask the divinity of who we really are. It’s time to rediscover. It’s time to dive deep- to the cause of this upside down reality we’ve created- it’s working for no one.

It’s creating disease, physical, mental and emotional. It’s creating poverty, lack, sickness. It's time to Break Free and Dive DEEP to lift UP into the light. Turn on the light in your Soul and remember who you are- a Piece of creation. It’s time to put the pieces back together- the puzzle of humanity.

WE don’t have to live in duality. Let’s create a new world. Remember your WHY. Why are you here? Dig deep. Ask from your Soul. What makes you light up?

In the ocean of humanity you can choose. We all choose- to stay on the surface- what do you see? OR dive deeper to see the real treasure. After you break through the darkness- the clouds- the murky water- beyond is the light, the freedom you seek.

Keep swimming- in the depth you find the light- the truth of who you are. AND SO IT IS!   

     I invite you to GO Deep this month-breathe a little deeper, meditate a little longer. Give yourself the freedom you seek. Let me know how it goes!

Divine Connection Meditation

August 15th  7pm-8:30

Let's go DEEP! Join me for spiritual discussion and guided meditation to experience connection to the Divine, balance and peace.

Bring a journal.


Please RSVP by email

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