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Being Health

       I know every soul has its own journey on this planet. And as a soul in a body, there’s duality- sickness and health, fear and faith, sadness and joy. But when you connect to Spirit, you’ll be guided to your place, your Truth in the duality. 

    It’s ok to have faith when everyone is afraid. It’s ok to be happy during a pandemic, to thrive. When you’re in your truth, you’re stronger, in mind and body. Connected to Spirit, your vibration is lifted to a space of wholeness, and that unconditional love of Spirit vibrates out to the world and lifts others. This is how healing happens.

Sickness is a cleansing, of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. The whole world is cleansing, but with this cleansing, there's also a spiritual awakening. People are seeing there’s more than the body, and we must get in touch with that part to have health- individually and collectively.

Any sickness is a lower vibration. It attaches to a vibration within the host that matches it, like attracts like. Lower vibrations of sickness match other lower vibrations such as fear.  If you get sick, try not to go into fear. Know your body is cleansing and see yourself stronger on the other side. Feed your mind and body with high vibrations such as meditation, prayer, sunshine, and nourish yourself with healthy food, vitamins and water.

 Stay informed but don’t go down the rabbit hole of suffering or fear. 

When fear comes up, feel it and release it. This is the time to practice any faith that you believe, take the higher road, it heals You and lifts the vibration of the planet. 

I know my soul is on this planet at this time for a higher purpose, and I know yours is too. We must walk one foot in front of the other, in our purpose, and know the light is here Now, it always was. Thank you for helping me hold the light!



Benefits of Energy Healing
Pain and Stress Relief
Balance in Body/Mind/Spirit
Emotional Healing
Focus and Clarity

In-Person and Remote Sessions Available
Proper safety precautions are taken in office.
The healing table is sanitized between clients, masks are worn,
and hand sanitizer is available for your use.

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Marietta, GA 30068

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