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March 2021


A Next-Generation Approach to Procurement

Amid a period of rapid change in the power sector, vertically integrated utilities are poised to spend at least $350 billion on power plants between now and 2030. But legacy procurement practices in most states are not designed to take full advantage of modern electric systems and technologies. Flexible, clean and reliable energy optimization requires a next-generation approach to procurement, as detailed in a new report co-authored by RMI and RAP. In a blog post, Megan Anderson and Carl Linvill break down what regulators need to know to ensure that procurement utilizes all available resource options, is aligned with policy objectives, and is “least regrets.”



Building an Essential Charging Network

Many jurisdictions want to take first steps to support electrified transportation, including providing charging infrastructure, but are unsure how to approach this goal with limited public money. Camille Kadoch and Julia Hildermeier write that the inability to build a comprehensive charging network in the short term shouldn’t stall efforts to provide the bare necessities, in the form of an essential charging network.



Minimum Performance Standards for Germany

The buildings sector is responsible for 30% of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions, so deep renovation of the country’s building stock is crucial to meeting ambitious climate goals. Minimum energy performance standards, which the European Commission will propose this year, could be a tool to accelerate the process of building renovations. Louise Sunderland and Andreas Jahn highlight the potential of such standards in a new policy brief.



Former Colorado PUC Chair Joins RAP

Jeff Ackermann, who completed a four-year term as chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission earlier this year, has joined RAP’s U.S. program as a senior advisor.

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Open Access Approaches to Customer Data

In a technical conference for the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Nancy Seidman and John Shenot highlighted several state approaches and key policy drivers for governing customer energy utility data access.

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