A Baby Boom Is Coming!

Unnamed Mare #320


The Devil's Garden Mustang mares will welcome in four new family members, with possibly two more expected! That makes for a total of six mares with new foals on the way!  Jumping Jack Ranch, the home of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary and the wild mustangs, will experience a baby boom in the coming weeks.

This means that your support is especially needed to help us to continue to care for mom and baby! If you love mustang foals, please call the office at 520.398.2814 or visit equinevoices.org to learn how you can sponsor a mare and her foal for just $75 per month!

As always, we are grateful for your continued support!



A Message From Karen...

We here at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary are so humbled and grateful for your recent support on Arizona Gives Day. Because of your giving, we came in FIRST in our category for MOST DOLLARS DONATED, RURAL! And so we were rewarded with a $5,000 incentive prize. Thank you so very much for making this happen! 

As you know, we promoted our new Equine Voices bracelet as a gift if you donated $100 or more. It has come to our attention that envelopes were possibly tampered with. If this has happened to you, please email amanda@equinevoices.org and attach pictures if you can. Or you can call the office at 520.398.2814. We really need to hear from you so we can investigate further and make this right. 

We love our supporters and strive to honor the commitment we made to you: to give you a small token of our gratitude in the form of our Equine Voices pewter bracelet. We will be sending replacement bracelets to those who contact us and let us know your gift was not received. Thank you in advance for your help! 

With Love and Gratitude, 

Karen Pomroy, President and Founder of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary

Archangel Michael's Progress with Veronica

Task 11 Count Down...Grooming on the not so scary side.  "Archangel Michael really likes this," says Veronica.

Task Ten: Count-Down Petting with "Easy" Initiator Signal (Cue: "Easy, BP") Task Ten ups the game from Task 9, by requiring the animal to initiate the petting by offering the "easy" posture, and also requiring the animal to maintain that posture for the count-down.

Task Eleven extends Task Ten by having a grooming tool on the animal. Some animals don't like certain tools. 

Veronica trained at Mustang Camp in New Mexico, the program consists of taking wild horses from U.S. government holding facilities and bringing them to Mustang Camp to be trained and socialized using their 26 step criteria to train a wild horse or burro. It's really quite simple, the animal is trained in the 26 steps and when they can be caught, haltered, led, loaded into a horse-trailer, stand tied, and have their feet trimmed, they are ready for us to adopt out to a suitable homes. A trained and approachable animal is 100 times more likely to be adopted.

Call To Action: Please Make The Calls!

From the American Wild Horse Campaign Website


We need you, our local Arizona supporters, to call your Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally. 

A new dangerous proposal is being circulated for mustangs and burros, and we need to ensure that they stand strong on our side. Please call their offices today to ask them to please reject this misguided plan.

A suggested message from AWHC: "As an Arizona resident, I urge you to oppose dangerous appropriations language to require the BLM to remove 15,000-20,000 wild horses from the range this year alone. The deal struck by the HSUS and ASPCA excluded any input from organizations that advocate for the protection of our state's wild horses and burros or have on-the-ground experience implementing humane solutions for our wild herds. Your constituents do not support this plan."

Sinema DC: 202-224-4521 (Phoenix: 602-598-7327)

McSally: DC: (202) 224-2235 (Tucson: 520-670-6334)

Your calls make a difference so please be sure to make it today... Thank you!

~The AWHC Team

Volunteer Corner

Every week Equine Voices will feature our incredible volunteers! It could be a picture, a poem, interesting information, or a story ...whatever you choose to submit will be great! 

So please, submit material to amanda@equinevoices.org or call me at 520.398.2814 and keep a lookout for your stories, of our incredible volunteers!

Green Shirt Gail!

Volunteer Gail recently returned to Equine Voices to continue Volunteering!

She is currently a Green Shirt, dubbed a "Pooper Scooper" and is very well-coordinated, as you can see in this short, fun video.

If you are interested in joining the Equine Voices Volunteer Team, visit equinevoices.org or call the office at 520.398.2814!

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