YOU Made Arizona Gives Day Incredible For the Horses!

While we wait for the official outcome for Arizona Gives Day 2019, we can share preliminary results. Once again our Equine Voices family came together and raised $31,412 for the horses on Arizona Gives Day 2019! We asked for your support and you came through! We thank those who created individual fundraiser pages, everyone who shared our posts and emails and who followed our progress throughout the day on Facebook Live. 

 At midnight, we were excited to see the results of the day: 

~A total of 382 donations were processed, large and small!

~We are in 11th position for the ENTIRE STATE of AZ with 187 unique donations, meaning no donation amount was the same! How awesome is that? 

~Even more impressive, we are currently THIRD in our rural organizations category!

~Included in the total, we had 2 employees who created individual fundraisers that raised a total of $743! Thank YOU! 

~Offline donations totaled $5,505

~In summary, the grand total is $36,917 raised by 187 unique donors throughout the fundraising day as well as by offline donations for AZ Gives Day 2019! 

Leader boards can be seen on the home page of the Arizona Gives Day website.

We are so thankful and words simply cannot express our gratitude to you that made Arizona Gives Day 2019 a success for us! These donations mean so much to Equine Voices and will do so much to benefit the horses and burros that reside here.


A Gift For You...

As a reminder, individuals who donated $100 or more will receive our newly crafted Equine Voices' solid pewter, adjustable bracelet! One side features Gulliver, our mascot and the other side displays our adage, "A Place of Healing." While supplies last!

Meet Adalberto, Our New Director of Operations!

A big congratulations are in order for Adalberto Villaescusa who was recently promoted from Ranch Manager to Director of Operations!  His duties will include overseeing all ranch operations, staff, volunteers, assisting in fundraising events and some donor development.  Since June of 2018, Adalberto has been responsible for horse care, ranch management and overseeing the volunteers. We are excited and so grateful to have Adalberto as part of the Equine Voices team and look forward to supporting him in his new role.  Please help us give a big hand to Adalberto Villaescusa!

The Seniors of Legends Visit Equine Voices

On Monday, March 25th seniors from The Legends at Santa Rita Springs in Green Valley, AZ visited Equine Voices.  They toured the property, visited with our rescued horses and learned their stories.  

From guest Sarah Thompson, "...I believe that everyone had such a great morning, witnessing all that is being accomplished by everyone and anyone associated with Equine Voices. Your generosity in sharing your time and stories with all that everyone has done to make these horses healthy and happy, saving their very lives, just amazing. Thank you again for having us."

Thank you for your kind words, Sarah! Please come back to see us any time!

What YOU Can Do To Save The Onaqui Herd, the Iconic Wild Horses of Utah

From the American Wild Horse Campaign Website

This is the most important week in our campaign to save the famed wild horses of Onaqui in Utah. 

We’ve got a lot going on – and we need your support. Whether it’s on the ground in Utah or from afar, every action you can take this week will make a difference.  Friday is our rally at the BLM office in Salt Lake City, UT. Please join us as we protest the round-up of 80% of one of the most famous wild horse herds in America, and tell the BLM that their plan of action is unacceptable.

Our petition to save the Onaqui herd has gathered almost 97,000 signatures, and counting! Help us hit 100k! Please share with your networks, as we need as many signatures as possible! 

Go to

Also on Friday, we’ll be holding a Digital Sit-in to #SaveOnaqui. Support the movement by sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the #SaveOnaqui hashtag. More on this later.  You can help show your support for the Onaqui wild horses by purchasing our Onaqui Apparel, proceeds of which will go directly to saving the Onaqui herd.  

A majority of Americans oppose rounding up wild horses and using taxpayer money to put them in holding pens for life. And while the BLM has come after so many of America’s wild herds, the Onaqui wild horses hold a special place in our nation’s hearts.  As one of the most viewed wild horse herds, they not only offer a unique opportunity for people to witness the magic of horses roaming free in the wild, they also contribute to the local community by bringing in thousands of tourists every year.  Make a donation this week to support our efforts to Save Onaqui.

Thank you,

The American Wild Horse Campaign

Volunteer Spotlight

"Horse Joys"

Every week Equine Voices will feature our incredible volunteers! It could be a picture, a poem, a story or a biography...whatever you choose to submit will be great! 

So please, keep submitting material to and keep a lookout for you, our incredible volunteers!

There is no denying that the emotional bond between horses and the humans who love them can reach mystical proportions, and nowhere is that relationship more evident than in accounts from our staff and volunteers. Horses teach us the simple joy of connection. When communication is achieved or understood, a feeling of accomplishment happens, that we are both being heard and listened to. 


Horses teach us the joy of simple pleasures. That every day life should be cherished and enjoyed.  That sometimes a good roll in the dirt or racing around the corral with a friend is enough to make a difference in a day. Or that every carrot is like the first carrot they’ve ever had.  Horses teach us about the joy of freedom and relating to one another through trust and acceptance without judgment. 

They remind us that joy can happen at any given moment.

Adapted from

If you want to share your story as well, please email me at or call the office at 520.398.2814.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

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