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A Day In The Life...

Dr. Echols begins Mystic's dental exam...

Caitlin carefully watches Bam Bam's recovery after being gelded as brother Domingo looks on...

This past Monday, April 15th was a busy one here at the Equine Voices ranch! We wanted to share with you what your support and donations are able to provide for our beloved equines.  A huge thank you to veteran volunteers Joie Gunta and Jim McFarlin, farrier Philip Ramos, trainers Caitlin Wortman and Cathy Ruiz and skilled veterinarian Dr. Echols for coordinating care and ensuring everything ran smoothly! 

Apollo gets a hoof trim from farrier Philip...

Maya awaits her dental exam from Dr. Echols...

Jim helps hold Apollo for his hoof trim...

The Latest Progress Report...

Veronica Moore has been with us since April 6th, working with Archangel Michael to establish a trusting, compassionate relationship. All with the goal of being able to safely handle him to get him gelded so we can reunite the Sahuarita mustang family! 

Read on for Veronica's most recent updates... 

And be sure to check back for the latest progress! 

"Michael is getting used to Task 2, which is getting next to the human and having a relaxed posture. The wind picked up and turned a chair over and scared the bejesus out of him. But he came back. That is a good day." 

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"We are on Task 4. Targeting the scary hand. Then targeting the scary hand with duration. This will help Michael get used to being touched on his face which will eventually lead to haltering." #equinevoicesrescueandsanctuary #equinevoices #mustangcamp #mustangcampskills #letsdothis

Desert Christian 3rd Graders and Girl Scout Troop #410 Visit Equine Voices!

On Monday, April 15th, children from Desert Christian School's 3rd grade class visited Equine Voices.  We thank their teacher, parents and volunteer tour guides Diane Russell and Sue Hunziker for showing the kids how we care for the horses and burros here and telling their stories! 

On Tuesday, April 16th , Girl Scout Troop #410 and dad/Equine Voices' computer guru Chris Clarke also stopped by the ranch for a visit.  Gulliver, the horses and burros and all of us at the ranch loved showing Girl Scout Troop #410 what we do here! Thank you for coming! ❤️

A Devil's Garden Update...

From the Facebook pages of Devil's Garden Wild Horses and Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals...

(picture courtesy of Chris Clarke...)

"An article this week from the San Francisco Chronicle that mirrors what I am seeing as a volunteer helping to find homes for the Devil’s Garden mustangs at the Double Devil Corrals. Scores of wonderful people have stepped up to give homes to these amazing horses. 

Note: The article should read Charlea Johnston, not Charles. 😊"

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