Words Can't Express How We Feel



It has taken me since March 29, 2018 to think about what to say about our beautiful Helen because it has been so emotional.

Fourteen years of celebrating the equines that have ventured through our gates, Helen was one of the first of many rescues, and one of thirty four Premarin mares and foals that were rescued from a Premarin farm after their jobs were done. They were no longer useful to the farmer since he lost his contract with the pharmaceutical giant, and these beautiful mares and foals had nowhere to go but to the auction.

In the fall of 2005, Equine Voices, new at rescue, took all thirty four and they arrived at the sanctuary after a long trailer ride from Manitoba, Canada.

Each and every one of the horses were unable to be handled and it took them months before they allowed us near them. Several of the mares were pregnant and had their foals the following spring.

Helen was one of the first to allow us to touch her. She was so sweet, forgiving, and so stoic. Although "plain Jane" in color, she had a presence to her that was quiet, observant and had an attitude of acceptance. She was pure love.

Helen spent her years with her herd mates on the Premarin farm, and then later here at Equine Voices. Sand colic is the number one killer of horses in Arizona and is horrible and painful. Although we treated her for several weeks under the watchful eye of our vet, he and I determined she needed to be tubed with oil in an effort to relieve her discomfort. Unfortunately on that day, part of her intestinal tract had ruptured, and we had to make the difficult yet inevitable to choice to end her suffering and say goodbye to our beautiful Helen.

Helen's resting place is in the corral with the mares, at the foothills of the Santa Rita mountains, a gorgeous and sacred place. In the stillness of the cool evenings, at times I can see Maya, Angelina and Mystic standing around Helen's mound as if to say she is missed and still loved to this very day.

Like so many that have passed before her, Helen is missed terribly, and will always have a special place in my heart! 

Gallop in the skies, sweet Helen, and know that you will never be forgotten.


On the morning of July 20th, we said goodbye to one of the brightest lights of our world. Big Ben gave us the signal that he was ready to make the transition over the Rainbow Bridge. We knew that something was not quite right when he would not budge from the far side of his corral to come in to his regular stall for breakfast. He slowed down his eating and has had several mini strokes recently and the vet believes a brain tumor was also contributing to unilateral blindness and deafness. He is now galloping in the skies with his other friends, Pirate, Helen and many others. His final resting place is in his corral along with Little Miss and Big Bud and where his herd can visit often. He will be remembered as the Gentle Giant that made his rounds in the corral daily until he decided to stop and say goodbye. We are so thankful his “little” friend Ben could spend his birthday with Big Ben the day before. We are certain it brought him peace. Everyone who has ever met him will surely miss his presence, but his memory will forever be in our hearts.


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The fate of America's wild horses and burros is in the hands of Congress... again!  Last year, the Senate blocked a House attempt to legalize the mass destruction of wild horses and burros in holding and on the range. This year, the House is at it again, with Fiscal Year 2019 Interior Appropriations language that would authorize the BLM to manage wild horses and burros in non-reproducing or single sex herds via surgical sterilization of these iconic animals on the range. It also directs BLM to lay the groundwork for the mass killing of horses over the age of 10 -- barely middle age for a wild horse. The Senate version of this legislation does not contain the mass sterilization or killing provisions. The differences between the two bills will be reconciled in conference committee, and we need our Senators and Reps. to stand strong to ensure that the Senate version of the legislation once again prevails. 

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My name is Lady Godiva, named for my chocolatey smooth dark coloring. Just a couple years ago, I was seized at a checkpoint in a trailer carrying drugs. I am so grateful Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary came to my aid and purchased me at an auction. Surely my fate was doomed if they had not shown up. I am now loving life as a sassy 20 year old mare full of personality. I would be a great companion horse and am looking for a family who would love me unconditionally and give me lots of attention. I definitely enjoy a good grooming. I get along well with other horses as long as they know I prefer being the boss. I know the ropes when it comes to haltering, leading, and standing still for exams and hoof trims and willing to learn more. I would love to find my forever family

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