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19th June 2019


PHUSE 2019 

3pm (UK)  4pm (EUR)  10am (US, EST)


Dear PHUSE Member,

The agenda for this month's Webinar Wednesday will include an update from the Board of Directors and a summary of the US Computational Science Symposium, including some of the Working Groups breakout sessions.

Agenda Welcome and PHUSE Board Update

    Yvonne Moores, PHUSE Special Projects Director Nonclinical CSS Breakout Summary

    Susan DeHaven, Sanofi Standard Analyses & Code Sharing CSS Breakout Summary

   Mary Nilsson, Eli Lilly Emerging Trends & Technologies CSS Breakout Summary

    Andy Richardson, Independent and DJ Chhatre, Gilead Sciences New Project - Open Source Technology in Clinical Research

    Eli Miller, Covance



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