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WHAM Art Center is open from 10 am

to 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday

Recycle Exhibit

Note there will not be a reception, but see our fashion show displayed in the gallery

Family WHAM Night June

Thank you to those who  donated to our fundraiser! We reached 

$5,286  of our goal of $6,000. Thank you to the organization, For Those Without a Voice, for offering to match it. A new more secure WHAM on Wheels is being ordered.


Workshops and Classes return

Kids Summer Camp returns

Check to see when and note we are also offering virtual classes.


Ruth Spatny, one of our studio artists, is turning a young 90 on Wednesday June 3rd. Come celebrate with us at 2 pm and wish her Happy Birthday.

Hello WHAM members,
Update on the art exchange/ Gift Shop
Because of the shut down for the Coronavirus WHAM has decided to keep the current art work hanging in the halls till the end of June. 
Since things have just started opening and trying to get back to normal we didn’t want to gather our members too soon with the art exchange.
So the next art exchange will be on  June 29th & 30th from 10:00 until 1:00. That’s a Monday & Tuesday because of the July 4th holiday coming up these are the best days to exchange. As for volunteer hours we are happy if you have some, but don’t let that stop you from participating in the exchange, because of the shut down there were no volunteer hours to be had so the exchange is open to everyone! We are hoping to be back to needing volunteers very soon so get ready to help out!  

Gift Shop Exchange 
All members that have any items in the gift shop MUST remove EVERYTHING on the art exchange date including cards.
We need to empty out the gift shop to revamp the space and prepare for some new exciting possibilities!
Heather Young will be taking over the gift shop, so she will start with a clean slate of inventory and a new look. She is also working to get gift shop items photographed and put up on our website to sell online as well as in the store.
So please cooperate and help make this a smooth process.
Any question please call 
Linda Stahl 623-505-8605


Continue to Create and 

 be Safe