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Upcoming Exhibit

Interpretations V


WHAM is proud to present the Intepretations V, AAA Exhibit by our WHAM artists. Stop by and take a look at this month-long art show at WHAM Art Association
Tuesday, March 3rd - Tuesday, March 31st.

Join us for a wonderful reception Saturday, March 7th
5:00pm to 7pm @ the West Gallery

Don't miss this exciting exhibit! All are welcome - free admission!

WHAM Community Art Center - West Gallery 16560 North Dysart Road, Surprise, AZ 85378

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Friday, March 6th

wham_paint night

Come enjoy a fun, family evening of painting, art trivia, raffle prizes and beverages.
Held on the first Friday of every month at
WHAM Community Art Center.

Our theme will be

" Flowers in a vase "

Friday, April 6th

6pm to 8pm

Click the button below to learn more!

Poetry Slam:


Friday, April 17th


Open mic night for poetry, free verse and storytelling. 6pm to 8pm.


Teen Art Club:


Class March. 4th


Teen Art Classes
First Wednesday of each month 4:30pm to 6:30pm
TeenWHAM Art Club Second Wednesday of each month 
4:30pm to 6:30pm

TeenWHAM Art Class Feb 5th 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm 
$20 per non-member/$10 per member 

TeenWHAM Art Club Mtg Feb 12th 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Teen Member Meeting and Members will be working on Recycle Artworks for upcoming Recycled Art Exhibit and School District Art Show in March 

Teen WHAM Art Club is about getting teenagers excited about art, stimulating their creativity, teaching them the value of teamwork and encouraging them to impact their community positively.

Manager for TeenWHAM is CARee Tolle. You may reach her at carree.tolle@wham-art.org



Volunteer Today!


WHAM on Wheels has a new trailer that we just had completed and outfitted with lighting using a solar panel to charge the RV battery to power them! We take folding tables and all the art supplies that we need and set up to teach the public how to do a make and take art project. We can seat about 20-25 people at a time and usually serve 200-400 people during an event!

List of events located in the chart at the end of this newsletter. Contact Heather Young to volunteer.

Musical artists in Residence

WHAM Mini-Workshops Adults 17+ 

First Saturday of each Month 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Enjoy a 3 hour Mini Workshop available monthly. We will be working with a different medium each workshop, consisting of either watercolors, mixed media, pastels, graphite, acrylic paints or clay. Each class will be instructed by a different professional artist. Signup under workshops wham-art.org/classes


T-Shirts and Volunteers Needed

For Earth Month we are creating necklaces out of old t-shirts. So donate your shirts and get volunteer hours by helping to create necklaces. See Linda Stahl for more info. linda.stahl@wham-art.org

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Art Book Club:


 March. 2nd 6 to 8 pm

An open opportunity for WHAM Artist to gather in an artist's setting, reading and learning the teachings of the many great Artists & Authors in print. This will be a year-round book club focusing on a different book every 12 weeks.

Our first book of choice will be "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.

Each artist is encouraged to have both the book and workbook for the study group to get the most out of the group gathering and studies. The Artist's Way Study Group meets every week on Mondays for 12 weeks.

Dates:Mar 2nd through May 18thTime: 6pm to 8pmCost: FREE Instructor: CARree

Sketchbook Art Group:


Class March. 5th

10 am to 12 pm


Sketchbook Art Group, a free opportunity for WHAM Artists to work together for a couple of hours sharing techniques and giving each other encouragement while working in your own personal sketchbook or portfolio, coupled with a brief art study.

After working in our sketchbooks and having a brief art study, visiting, and sharing newfound secrets, techniques and ideas, we will gather for lunch in the dining room to enjoy sack lunches continuing fellowship over the lunch hour.

This is a great opportunity to be creative, learn new techniques, work on your personal art pieces, especially sketchbooks to hone in your skill, to share and get to know your fellow WHAM Artists.

Dates:Mar 5th, Apr 2nd, May 7th, Jun 4th

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm (12pm to 1pm lunch hour)


Instructor: CARree

Bring a sack lunch and your creativity

Dennis Kleidon

Dennis Kleidon, one of our own, has his artwork in several galleries this year:

Art Now Fair

ELV Exhibit Hall

Miami Beach, Florida

December 5 – 8, 2019


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Art Fair 14C

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Jersey City, New Jersey

February 21-23, 2020

Art on Paper 2020

Pier 36New York, New York

March 5 – 8, 2020

The Top Shelf Invitational Small Works Show

Sonoran Arts League Center for the Arts

Cave Creek, Arizona

February 21 – March 15, 2020


Walter Wickiser Gallery

210 Eleventh Avenue

New York, New York

Gallery Andrea

7019 E. Main Street

Scottsdale, Arizona

He will also have several paintings in the Gallery Artists Show at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City for two months this summer.

Diane Freeman

Hello WHAM members. Last August, I was asked and agreed to take on the duties of managing the WHAM Main Gallery.   Although I have much to learn, I would like to share some things I have learned with all of you.  Though many have gallery experience, we now have a few new artists who may need guidance.

Canvas paintings – to frame or not to frame.    If you have used what is known as a canvas panel, it must be framed.  A canvas panel is made of cotton or linen material wrapped around and mounted on a stiff board, the back is covered with a heavy paper.  There is no way to hang a canvas panel without a frame.

Recently, the most popular type of painting substrate is stretched canvas.  This is where the canvas material is stretched around a wood frame for support.  They come in many sizes but there are three standard stretcher bar depths – ¾”, 1 ½” and 2 ½”.  Artists often ask “should I frame my painting or should I show it gallery wrapped”?   A¾” depth is usually not accepted unframed into art exhibits and competitions.  The most popular depth seems to be 1 ½”.  To achieve an acceptable gallery wrap painting, the canvas must be stapled on the back and not on the sides.  The outside edges of the canvas must be neatly finished with a continuation of your artwork.  The 2 ½” depth is gaining popularity especially for larger paintings.

Last but not least your painting can be finished with what is called “museum wrap”.   Instead of extending your artwork around the edges of the canvas, the edges are finished with white or black and your artwork is limited to the front of the canvas.

To frame or to gallery wrap or museum wrap is the artist’s choice.  Framing can be expensive but sometimes a frame can enhance the artwork.

Until next time enjoy your artistic journey


In the Likeness of Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night”, by Debra Goley, acrylic, 12 x16, 2009, in a private collection.

Debra Goley

If you must ask if an image is fair use, able to be copied, then it’s probably not fair use. In response to this question that is asked by my students and others who want to know where I receive my inspiration and can they copy my work, I sought out to gain better insight and hope this helps clarify some of the question you may have as well.

Some projects require gaining permission to use their printouts, photographs, art, as the owner has properly copyrighted the material as noted at the conclusion of a website or at the beginning of a book. An artist that ignores such permission to copy work does so at great risk. It is unethical and illegal to copy another's work without permission. How do I know if a work is copyrighted or fair use?

The law states that whether written down, created an image either physically or digitally, it is automatically copyrighted the lifetime of the artist plus 75 years. (fun example created about Fair Use is the parody about Disney, who was notorious about making sure their images were never used, even in public schools. https://youtu.be/CJn_jC4FNDo )

So what is fair use? When can I copy? The law states that “copying for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching in classroom, scholarship, research, is not an infringement on copyright.” This means that there is always a degree of uncertainty as to what constitutes fair use. When in doubt, seek permission is best.

As an artist and instructor, I am flattered that you want to copy my work, however, if you market and sell your work that is recognizably mine, then I have the right to pursue intent. Will you be selling for market or gain or using in a way that does not represent the artist in good light? I know we think, well I am copying the style only and changed a thing or two, an apple instead of an orange. The rights afforded by copyright aren’t infinite, however. There are limitations such that the provisions don’t stifle creativity in the name of protecting it. Many of the rights enclosed in copyright are tied to the actual artwork. The law doesn’t extend to more intangible aspects of a work of art. One cannot copyright ideas, procedures, methods, or concepts, unless they’re written down and recorded. Moreover, the written statements (titles, names, phrases, and slogans) are not subject to copyright. So, you may title away the “Untitled” forever and ever!

Art is Debra’s language, and it speaks of how she is innately wired. As an inspirational artist, beginning with a career as architect, she is now a full-time muralist, artist, art instructor, illustrator and designer. Her latest love is working with fiber as an exciting extension of her portfolio adding depth to her work after her mom left her with a plethora of fabric and a machine to draw with her needle. Her life’s work is a continued exploration which has its roots in a life lived overseas and the experience of a multicultural community. As a multimedia artist, Debra’s work and teaching style clearly represent a global influence. With each new project her journey begins with research and analysis of a subject which takes her design from concept to expression. Debra is a native Texan, now Goodyear-based artist who lives with her husband and little dog Astro.

Mindful Arts


We now offer a service where you can advertise your work, studio or promote being in a show on our TV at the docent desk that will be running every day the gallery is open. A minimal fee will be charged. See Connie Whitlock or ME Odom for details. ME Odom is also offering a service of creating a 30 or 60 sec. video if you want more than just photos running.


Stop in and see Marty Wolfe for more information or click the link below to send her an email.



Upcoming Events

If interested, send me your contact information and the event you are interested in via email to heather.young@wham-art.org or text to 480-815-2421! Thanks in advance!

wham on wheels     Culture Pop
Saturday Mar. 21
5pm - 10pm
Thomas Rd. W. of
Dysart, Avondale
Dysart Distric
Art Festival

Saturday Mar. 28
8am - 4pm
Valley Vista H.S.
15550 N. Parkview Pl
Surprise, AZ 85374
Avondale Kidfest
Saturday Apr. 11
10am - 1pm
Friendship Park
12325 W McDowell Rd
Avondale, AZ 85392
Surprise Easter Event
Saturday Apr. 11
7am -
Mark Coronado Park
15850 N. Bullard Ave.
Surprise, AZ 85374

Avondale Fiesta
Saturday May 2
6pm - 10pm
495 E. Western Ave.
Avondale, AZ 85323

WHAM Cares:

Special Needs Community

WHAM offers classes to our special needs community, see a docent or our brochure for more details.

Classes Coming Up

NEW Class Schedule for March

• WHAM Adult Mini-Workshops (First Sat. of each Month) •

Sat. March 7th, 9:30am to 12:30pm

• WHAM Kids Arts & Crafts (First Sat. of each Month) •

Sat.March 7th, 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Be sure to check out What's Happen'n at WHAM in our CLASSROOMS!

We have packed the First Saturday of each month with New Art Classes for both Adults and Kids!We have Mini-Workshops, Arts & Crafts for kids, Musical Art Classes and so much more!!Stop by and see what will inspire you to create, play and be a part of your local Community Art Center in the West Valley!

WHAM’s mission is to provide innovative, multidisciplinary, arts-inclusive programming, exhibits, and project to the diverse West Valley communities we serve.  Between the gallery exhibits, festivals, and educational programming, WHAM impacts 50,000 people annually.  Come to our facilities on 16560 N. Dysart Rd., Surprise, AZ to stroll through our current Gallery  exhibit, visit the open artist’s studios, take one of our many art classes and get to know about the ARTS in the West Valley. 


WHAM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing art education for the local community with the intent of enhancing artistic talents.

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