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Efus invites you to the colloquium on “The Local Dimension of European Security Policies: Cities and Regions for Security and Democracy” it is organising on 25 June in Augsburg (DE), before the General Assembly meeting. Following the European Parliament elections, the event will gather representatives of the European, national, regional and local institutions. (...)




As part of the PRoTECT project, Efus and the city of Brasov (RO) are organising a seminar on “Identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating the risk of terrorist threats in public spaces: Cooperation among all stakeholders”, on 17 July in Brasov. The tool developed by the European Commission to evaluate the vulnerability of public spaces as well as the accompanying handbook will be presented on this occasion. (...)




Efus published an article on drugs and harm reduction in the latest issue of Préventique magazine. The piece is signed by the Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, Alexandre Feltz. (...)




The 15 partners of the new European BRIDGE project, which is led by Efus (Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism) met for the launch of the project on 24-25 April, in Paris. They each presented an overview of polarisation – a process of sharpening differences between groups in society that can result in increased tensions – in their municipality, while the project's experts presented the tool box that will later be made available to all interested local authorities. (...)




The European Commission launches two call for proposals on the themes:
- prevention and combat all forms of violence against children, young people and women (deadline: 13 June 2019)
- non-discrimination (deadline 20 June 2019)

Further information can be found on Efus Network (Efus members only) (...)



Policité, a project to improve relations between police and young people, Vaulx-en-Velin, France
Coordinated by the French École nationale des travaux publics de l'État (ENTPE, National school for the State's public works), the Policité project commissioned a study aimed at young people from Vaulx-en-Velin, in the suburb of Lyon (France), about discriminations suffered by the youth and other people around them, in particular from the police. A series of recommendations were then submitted to the French Ministry of the Interior to improve relations between the police and young people.



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Join the only European network of local and regional authorities dedicated to exchanging, reflecting and cooperating in the field of crime prevention and urban security. Efus members have access to a wide range of services: networking with numerous European local authorities; support for their local security policy; training; information and technical support to obtain European subsidies; access to the Forum's documentary resources (practice sheets, publications, collaborative online platform)... (...)




German Crime Prevention Congress, Berlin (DE) - Information

• 24-25/06/2019

PRACTICIES, 3rd meeting of the cities working group, Ausburg (DE) - Information


Colloquium “The Local Dimension of European Security Policies: Cities and Regions for Security and Democracy” and Annual General Assembly meeting, Augsburg (DE) - Information

• 27-28/06/2019

PREPARE, 4th coordination meeting, Avignon (FR) - Information

• 04-05/07/2019

PACTESUR, annual meeting of the group of cities, Gdanks (PL) - Information


PRoTECT seminar on “Identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating the risk of terrorist threats on public spaces: cooperation between all stakeholders”, Brasov (RO) - Informations