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Colloquium on the local dimension of public security policies, Augsburg, 25 June

Efus invites you to the colloquium organised with the General Assembly meeting (Augsburg, 24-26 June) on “The Local Dimension of European Security Policies: Cities and Regions for Security and Democracy”. In the wake of the European parliamentary elections of 23-26 May, the meeting will gather representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, national governments and local authorities.




Some 250 participants took part in a European symposium on “Low Risk Drug Consumption Rooms in Europe - Assessment and Prospects” co-organised by Efus  the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the association Ithaque and the MILDECA, and held at the European Parliament on 3-4 April. The meeting brought together elected officials, representatives from international and national institutions, municipal health and security practitioners, doctors and nurses, social workers, police officers and researchers from across Europe and beyond. (...)




The partners in the PACTESUR (Protecting Allied Cities Against Terrorism by Securing Urban Areas) European project, which is led by Nice (FR) and will last three years, had their kickoff meeting in that city on 28 March. “PACTESUR is an occasion for us to exchange with other cities on the training of police officers, on the type of security programmes that can be implemented and on how to inform the public,” said Efus President, Willy Demeyer, in his opening statement.  (...)


As part of the European PROTECT project, Efus and the city of Brasov  are organising a one-day seminar to be held there on 17 July. The meeting will look at the role and capacities of municipalities regarding the protection of public spaces and other soft targets against the terrorist threat. Also on the agenda will be the tool developed by the European Commission for evaluating the vulnerabilities of public spaces and the results of the evaluation audits carried out in the project's 5 partner cities. The meeting will gather representatives of local authorities, the police, security practitioners and other relevant actors working at the national and/or European level.   




Local online campaigns promoting alternative discourses to extremism developed through the Local voices project were presented to the project partners on 11 and 12 April, in Paris. Most feature videos and were published on social media, sometimes on accounts created specifically for the campaign. Some are being launched with a physical poster campaign and other an artistic performance. All these campaigns were created by young residents of the project partner cities and are primarily aimed at young audiences.(...)




The city of Amsterdam, an Efus member, organised last year an interesting and rich conference on the impact of illicit financial flows on cities and citizens' quality of life. A dense publication summarising the debates held during the conference is now available. This year, Amsterdam organises a follow-up conference where local elected officials, specialists, officers in charge of fighting against financial crime and representatives of European institutions will exchange practices and methodologies. 




As the quality and safety of nightlife are becoming increasingly important factors in the identity and economy of cities, the France-based Nightlife Platform (Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne) is looking for the host city for its upcoming, fourth Nightlife conference, following Nantes (2015), Paris (2017) and Brussels (2018). This event is organised by the Culture Bar-Bars collective, which is a partner of Efus and the French Forum.  (...)



The mobile unit for family crisis, Brittany, France
The Guillaume Régnier hospital in Rennes set up a mobile service that intervenes with children who are exposed to domestic violence, through a partnership with the national gendarmerie and the Rennes Public Prosecutor.  



Efus has a wide training offer
The European forum for urban security helps you design and implement your security policies through a specific training offer adapted to your needs. Efus' trainings cover all urban security topics. Pragmatic and featuring numerous practical cases, they provide useful knowledge for your professional activity.




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