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The European Forum for Urban Security's 2020 General Assembly will be held on 26-27 March in Riga (LV). A key event in the life of our association, it will be an opportunity to take stock of the activities conducted in 2019 and to discuss priorities for the years to come. This year's GA meeting will also include preparatory work for our 2020 “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference. Furthermore, the municipality of Riga will organise several field visits to showcase some of their local projects.

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Led since May 2017 by the University of Toulouse II - Le Mirail, the European PRACTICIES (Partnership Against Violent Radicalisation in Cities) project will conclude this trimester and hold its final conference on 25-26th March in Riga (LV) at Efus' General Assembly.



Efus has created a new working group on “the local roots and impacts of organised crime” that is open to all interested members. Led by the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL), it was officially launched on 10 December 2019 in Brussels (BE) in a meeting that also gathered representatives of the cities of Essen and Berlin (DE) and the Emilia Romagna region (IT).




The Municipal Councillor of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, the second largest city of Catalonia, speaks about the schemes aimed at reducing discriminatory violence and violence against women, and at encouraging young people's participation in local life.



Two new projects as part of the EU's Urban Innovative Actions to improve the security of public spaces in Turin and Piraeus

Led by the municipality of Turin (IT), TO-nite will design multidisciplinary solutions in partnership with local residents to tackle security problems in two neighbourhoods of the city where the population feels insecure disturbances associated with nightlife and the presence of gangs. Efus will assist Turin in ensuring that their schemes can be transferred to other Italian and European cities.

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Led by the municipality of Piraeus (GR), BeSecure-FeelSecure promotes a holistic approach of urban security. The project will develop tools and strategies adapted to both real life and the cyber space. Efus is in charge of transferability, dissemination, and the sharing of experiences and expertise.

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Both these projects are part of a new EU funding line on Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), which is also in line with the EU's Urban Agenda Partnership that Efus co-leads together with the city of Nice (FR).


The European (Efus) and Belgian (FBPSU) Forums organised on 14 January a visit of the Paris Supervised Drug Consumption Room (SDCR) for a delegation representing the Belgian cities of Brussels, Liège and Molenbeek. The Paris SDCR is one of two established in France in late 2016 along with that of Strasbourg. In Belgium, there is one SDCR, which opened in Liège in September 2018.



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In the framework of the PREPARE project on preventing radicalisation in probation and at the time of release from prison, the municipality of Vilvoorde (BE) teamed up with Fryshuset-Sweden in order to improve their approach and working methods with soon-to-be-released foreign fighters who served time upon their return from the Middle East war zones (notably Syria).


>>>>> BEST WISHES FOR 2020!

2020 will be a busy year with a wealth of activities and new projects. It will close with a major event, Efus' “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference in Nice (FR), on 25, 26 and 27 November. Let's start preparing together this unique event: meet us on to contribute, suggest ideas and/or support the conference.





CCICoordination meeting and design lab, Barcelona, Spain

• 31/01/2020

BRIDGE, Audit, Vaux-en-Velin, France


PROTECT, Coordination meeting, Málaga, Spain

5-6-7/02/2020, Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Security in Public Spaces, Faenza, Italie


TO-nite, Kick-off meeting, Turin, Italy

• 20-21/02/2020

PACTESUR, Annual meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland

• 27-28/02/2020

MATCH-SPORT, Coordination meeting, Liège, Belgium


PRACTICIES, Final conference, Riga, Latvia - Information

26-27/03/2020, Efus General Assembly meeting, Riga, Latvia - Information