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The 7th International Efus Conference « Security, Democracy & Cities will be held on 25, 26 and 27 November 2020 in Nice, France. Go to to contribute, propose your ideas and support the conference. (...)


The European Forum for Urban Security's 2020 General Assembly will be held on 26-27 March in Riga (LV). A key event in our association's life, it will be an opportunity to take stock of the activities conducted in 2019 and to discuss priorities for the years to come. This year's GA meeting will also include preparation work for our 2020 “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference.
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Willy Demeyer, Mayor of Liège and President of Efus, led a delegation gathering police officers, social workers and crime prevention experts from the Belgian cities of Liège and Verviers for a study visit in the United States aimed at exchanging good practices with local authorities and practitioners, on 3-9 November. Head of Communications at the Liège City Hall, Laurence Comminette reports. (...)




There are many different kinds of polarisation and, in cities, opinions can diverge on a whole range of issues: this is one of the main conclusions the Efus-led BRIDGE project, which seeks to “build resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism”, arrived at during a meeting in Barcelona (ES) on 14-15 November. The event combined a seminar and a coordination meeting, the second one since the start of the project (January 2019 – December 2020). (...)


The PRACTICIES (Partnership Against Violent Radicalisation in Cities) European project, in which Efus is a partner and which seeks to better understand the mechanisms of violent radicalisation and to design concrete prevention tools, organised a conference on the theme “citizenship, education and crime prevention” on 6 November in Toulouse (FR), followed the day after by a working meeting. The meeting gathered some 40 participants over two days. (...)



A partner in the PACTESUR European project on the protection of public spaces against terrorist threats, Efus organised on 12-13 December in Nice (FR) a “local governance workshop” during which the project's partners exchanged with the multidisciplinary expert committee and visited on the ground the host city's security equipment. (...)



The Efus-led SOLIDIFY European project on the implementation of Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities (SDCFs) and their local impact held its final conference in Lisbon, on 5-6 December. Co-organised with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the municipality of Lisbon, the event featured the presentation of the projects' results as well as exchanges on local drug policies and the role of SDCFs in this endeavour. (...)



What ethical and legal challenges do new technologies such as artificial intelligence pose in terms of security? Do they efficiently protect people against threats such as terrorism? Are new laws necessary to regulate the use of these technologies, in particular facial recognition? These were the main issues Efus discussed with a delegation of Japanese researchers and industrialists during a meeting organised by Efus in Paris, on 18 November. (...)



The Deputy Mayor of Maranello (IT), Mariaelena Mililli, has signed on behalf of Efus an article on the European MATCH-SPORT project (Making Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination) (2019 – 2020), which will be published in the January issue of Préventique magazine. The project examines the prevalence of discrimination in amateur sport across Europe; offers targeted training to local sports stakeholders; leads pilot projects in the partner cities, and will organise a festival during the 2020 European Week of Sport. (...)




As part of the PREPARE project on the prevention of radicalisation through probation and release, the city of Rotterdam (Netherlands) organised training sessions for the involved practitioners in partnership with the Swedish NGO Fryshuset-Exit Sweden.


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Efus has just published the guidebook “Preventing Radicalisation in Probation and Release – Perspectives and Practices at the Local Level”. Produced by the PREPARE project, this publication highlights the role local authorities can play in rehabilitating violent extremist offenders and facilitating their reintegration into the community at the critical time of probation and prison release. (...)




• 14-16/01/2020

BRIDGE, Visit in the context of the elaboration of the pilot project, Genk, Belgium


CCI, Coordination meeting and design lab, Barcelona, Spain


TO-NITE, Kick-off meeting, Turin, Italy


PACTESUR, Yearly meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland


Efus GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING , Riga, Latvia - Information


MATCH-SPORT, Coordination meeting, Liège, Belgium


PRACTICIES, Final conference, Riga, Latvia