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Welcome to the first DCL Newsletter of 2019! We bring relevant industry news to your inbox the first week of every month. Would you like to see coverage on a specific topic? Email us with suggestions; we value your input and like hearing from people in the industry. 


Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment Sued Over Website Accessibility

A lawsuit claims violates the Americans With Disabilities Act by failing to accommodate visually impaired users
DCL is a long-time advocate of accessibility and helps organizations ensure digital content is accessible to all.

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The Challenge of Getting Discovered

STM and scholarly publishers must navigate a complex ecosystem to ensure their content is discovered by researchers and students. DCL's Discovery Bridge helps publishers deliver structured content to discovery vendors and guarantees that each vendor receives the data the way they need it.

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What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping, also called data harvesting or web data extraction, is a process to extract data from websites. Almost all Fortune 500 companies do some type of data harvesting to gather updated content. Learn how your organization may benefit from this form of data collection and restructuring.

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Lights-Out Automation with AI: Transforming Document Images to Searchable, Structured Information—2 Million Pages at a Time

This webinar details how DCL applied AI to deconstruct high volumes of documents in tiff format and reconstruct the content into XML feeds back to the client.

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Outsell DataMoney 2019

The 2019 Outsell DataMoney conference reveals new opportunities in data monetization and commercialization. This conference is designed for the individuals responsible for executing and monetizing data and product management. DCL is a proud sponsor of this event.

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Upcoming Events

Outsell DataMoney 2019

February 7 | New York, NY

Outsell DataMoney provides innovative, practical and scalable solutions for contemporary data businesses. DCL is sponsoring and exhibiting at the event.

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AAP Professional Scholarly Publishing

February 6 to 8 | Washington, DC

The PSP Annual Conference is AAP’s premier forum on copyright, law, policy, and business practices that affect professional and scholarly publishers in the United States.

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NFAIS Annual Conference

February 13 to 15 | Alexandria, VA

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