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In this edition:
  • @Workday function explained
  • CaseWare IDEA Script Vault feature
  • Resource List reminder
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Spotlight on IDEAScript Vault in the CaseWare Passport

The IDEAScript Vault has a large number of functional IDEAScripts. We've highlighted a few of the IDEA scripts that you may find useful.

  • Accumulated Total: calculates a running total based on a Numeric field in an IDEA database
  • NEW Append Database Report: This has been released recently and generates a text report showing all differences between field types in a range of user selected IDEA databases. This is useful when doing append operations in IDEA where the various source databases may have different field types. 
  • Export Multiple Databases to Excel: export multiple databases from the current project onto different worksheets in a single Excel workbook.
  • Import Multiple Files: This script imports multiple files of the same type.
Where can you find the IDEAScript Vault? 
Access CaseWare Passport within IDEA (File > Passport) or via your browser .  Select IDEAScript > IDEAScript Vault.

Have you used @Workday?

Looking for transactions posted on the weekend such as journals, invoices or sales? The @Workday function in IDEA will return the number 1 if the date falls on a weekday and 0 if the date falls on a weekend. 

How to use this function

@Workday(Date) where the Date is the date expression or field for which you want to determine if it falls on a weekday or weekend. 

For example, let’s extract a database with invoices processed on the weekend using @Workday (INV_DATE) = 0