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M&M 2021 Call for Papers Submit by February 18, 2021

With the M&M 2021 Conference scheduled for August 1-5, 2021, in Pittsburgh, PA, the call for papers is currently open. On behalf of the organizing committee, we encourage you to submit an abstract. Topics of particular attention may include: 

Biological Sciences Symposium
B07 “Challenges and Advances in Electron Microscopy Research and Diagnosis of Diseases in Humans, Plants and Animals”

  • Enhancement of sample preparation workflow for EM analysis of complex tissue for diagnosis or research
  • Application of advanced or innovative EM techniques to study host-pathogen interactions, virulence factors and ultrastructural changes
  • Ultrastructural characterization of diseases including the use of organoids, xenografts and animal models
  • Novel approaches and applications for correlative or hybrid microscopy

Pre-Meeting Congress 
X61 “Contemporary Electron Microscopy Advances in Biomedical Research”

  • Automation and streamlining of workflow for diverse EM specimens Immuno-electron microscopy and correlative LM-EM workflow, advances and challenges
  • Challenges and best practices in the preparation of plant, insect, aquatic/marine, and pharmaceutical specimens for EM
  • Roundtable discussion: instrument-assisted and automated Bio EM sample processing, challenges and applications

Submission deadline: Thursday, February 18, 2021, 11:59pm ET


Miss Our Last Webinar?
"3DEM of Brain Tissue Using Rapid Automated Preparation"
In case you missed it, Emily Benson, a senior research technologist at Cleveland Clinic, presented a webinar on automating serial block-face SEM biological specimen preparation for neurological tissues. Listen to Benson describe her automated specimen prep, where she reduced a 4- to 5-day manual process through infiltration to an automated process that required just 7.5 hours.


ASP-1000 User’s Guide Updated
We’ve updated our ASP-1000 User’s Guide.

Whether you have an instrument and need to train new users, or want more info about its ease of use before buying, we encourage you to check it out!

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