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Self-Directed Transition IEPs:Proven K12 Software, Year-End Special Offer


IDEA requires that students be invited to attend the IEP meeting if transition and postsecondary goals are being considered. Yet most transition students have little understanding of their IEPs and take no active role in the IEP meeting.

MyLife is an innovative new software tool from Cognitopia that gives students an accessible way to understand their IEP as a multimedia ePortfolio of video, images, and text, telling their story through graphic documentation of key IEP elements such as Preferences, Interests, Needs, Strengths, and Goals. Students chart and share their own progress and then use that data to take a leadership role in the IEP meeting.

MyLife is part of the Cognitopia Platform for Self-Determination, developed in part through funding from the US Dept.’s of Education and HHS to improve students’ self-management skills while enhancing support from teachers and families.

Many students use MyLife to lead all or part of their IEP meeting (watch more here), with unanimously positive reviews from students, teachers, parents, and administrators. 

MyLife is the ideal tool to support the IEP self-direction initiatives being launched in a number of states. We are supporting those efforts through this special year-end offer. 

From now through June 30, 2019, we are offering three key ways to save:

  • 25% off of individual, professional, and site licenses
  • Three years for the price of two
  • Free customized setup and staff training

Go to to learn more, and contact Eric Smith at 1-888-573-3658 or to take advantage of these special offers.

PS – To learn more about Empowering Students to Participate in their Own IEP Meetings, click here. Have a great summer!