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- No Extra Innings Needed for QSC to Pull off the WIN! - Shure's New Line Up Addition is now Leaving the Park! - Philips increases it's APPetite for Pitching Complete Games! - Fun with The Farm - A Fowl Poll -


They Actually Pulled it Off!!

  QSC proved just how quickly you can add full room control with Q-SYS. With drag-and-drop components, Block Controller and third-party plugins, you don’t need extensive training to get a meeting room up and running! In case you missed the webinar or want to re-watch: “Start the Clock” archived recording.

  Need a little deeper information before making the switch to Q-SYS Control? Check out this feature guide before working on your next design.


Farm Fun Fact #700

Skip Godwin looks like the keyboard player for an adult fusion universe spatial band. But he really just plays stand-up bass for loose change in front of Hobby Lobby. 


Shure MXCW Now Shipping!

EDITORS NOTE:The Farm is VERY proud to represent Shure in NorCal, Northern NV, and HI. 

Our great friends at Brownstone represent Shure in WA, OR, AK, Northern ID and Western MT. 

  Shure is happy to let you all know that Microflex®Complete Wireless (MXCW), is now available! 

  A premier solution in Shure’s conferencing portfolio, MXCW offers wireless freedom and flexibility for conferences, meetings, and events inside government, corporate, hotel, and educational facilities--and more. What makes it unique?

Quick Setup 

  • Last-minute meetings are a fact of life. With fully automatic setup, an MXCW system can be deployed quickly -- even by staff members with minimal training -- making it possible to go “from cart to conference” in minutes. 

Reliable Wireless 

  • RF interference can ruin a meeting with distracting noise and signal dropouts. Microflex Complete Wireless automatically detects and avoids interference to keep the meeting uninterrupted. 

Scalable Solution 

  • From a 25-person board meeting to a 125-person conference,MXCW is ready for any scenario. 

Integrates Anywhere 

  • Versatile multi-role conference unit suitable for the boardroom, council chamber, or convention hall.The wireless conferencing units—which include a microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, controls, and touchscreen—overcome cable restrictions for use in rooms that require adaptable seating, or in historic settings, where permanent installation (like tabletop drilling) is not an option. Most government entities have rooms that are multi-purpose, or multi-functional.From hosting a quick internal catch-up, to committee meetings or large public gatherings, these rooms are used by numbers of people and purposes. Flexible seating—and a corresponding scalable conferencing system—is a must.Additionally, the lack of visible wiring meets today’s expectations for sleek,clean, set up. It also encourages natural interactions between participants who are no longer held back by connections; instead, they can move and communicate without restraint. 

Need more information about MXCW? Contact your Farm rep today!!


Farm Fun Fact #331

Justin Rose is getting his mom 7 channels of acoustic echo cancelling this year for Mothers’ Day. In related news, his mom is moving to Minneapolis. As soon as possible.


Philips SoC Apps

  Philips Professional Display Solutions and The Farm have told you about System on a Chip (SoC), a feature on all Philips displays. SoC is often looked at as a built-in media player, which it is…with QuadCore processors, up to 16GB of memory and the latest Android operating system. Additionally, as a media player it’s looked at as a digital signage device, which it also is. Heck, Philips has partnered with numerous signage companies to allowusers to simply run their software/content system on the display, with no external player needed. DSE vendors such as Capital Networks, X2O, NoviSign, 22 Miles, Novori, and, and others have all partnered with Philips to make signage EASY! 

  "But what else can I do with this amazing SoC, Mr. Farm Newsletter guy?" Well, using Meetio, you can pull your room scheduling on to the display. Using AirServer, you can project to your display using AirPlay, MiraCast,and GoogleCast. Using TeamViewer, you can make adjustments to and customize any Philips configuration. Using NCR, I can actually use the display ina bank allowing customers to access their account information. 

  The bottom line is, SoC is as expansive as the Android appmarket. Philips isn’t relying on a hardware partner to build a product. It’s a gazillion app developers working in code to give us more and more features and functions in the Philips display world! Learn more about Soc by talking to your Farm rep!


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We wanted to add one more "thing" that sets our Newsletter apart from the rest... so when we couldn't think of anything we just stuck in a poll question at the end.