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Finding Farm Factories on the InfoComm Floor!

Where will we be? Where will the new solutions be hiding in plain sight? Here’s the only list of Infocomm destinations you need to know (minus the bathrooms).

  • Shure – Booth 5845
  • QSC – Booth 3811 and Demo Room W224B featuring the Premium Business Music Solutions
  • Barco – Booth 3400 and Demo Room W208B
  • Philips – Booth 3421
  • Listen Tech – Booth 6153

  • Community Loudspeakers – Booth 6343 and Demo Room W224E (Happy Hour Wed/Thur from 4:30-5:30pm)
  • Visionary Solutions – Booth 3914
  • Atterotech – Booth 4017
  • Salamander Designs – Booth 4661
  • DiGiCo – Booth 6081
  • Denon & Marantz Professional – Booth 5551


Farm Fun Fact #659

Infocomm 2019 will be John Hood’s 24th , but his 1st as a member of The Society of American Magicians.


Barco Is Pushing Your Buttons!

Just when you thought a button was enough! Now there’s no button…but there’s still a button! Check out this video for more information about ClickShare button or no button stuff!


Farm Fun Fact #77

In preparation for Infocomm Orlando, David Lawrence has been sleeping at the bottom of a dumpster, inside a greenhouse, covered in a blanket of regret.

Under The Hood...

Diamond Notes from our Skipper on the ever changing world of AV

    As many of you know, Atlona was acquired by Panduit earlier this year. After the standard assurances that "nothing will change", Atlona has made the decision to go a different direction in the western part of the country and we are no longer representing the brand.
    The founder, Ilya Khayn was and still is an inspiration to us. He built a brand from literally starting in his bedroom, and eventually was able to sell his company and fully realize the American Dream. When we say "we wish him luck in his future endeavors", this time we actually mean it. We suspect that our participation in Atlona's growth had something to do with the ultimate sale of the company, and we take a lot of pride in helping a company like Atlona get to this position in the market, even if it ended in an unfortunate decision.
    So farewell, Atlona. Please remember, that although the independent rep business seems tumultuous, it really isn't. We are nearing our twentieth year as your QSC rep, and over thirty years with Community Professional. And from our founding firms as Brian Trankle and Associates, as well as Loppnow and Associates, we have been in business since 1981. The names have changed, but our commitment to our customers, many of which we have served for the entirety of our existence is unwavering.


Coming Soon...

The winner of last week's Fowl Poll, "What is MORE Hipster" was : Larry Lauzon's White Shoes with 46.4% of the vote!