Wednesday February 27th 2019

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Quote of the week:"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

PS We has a great time at the Tavistock event on Saturday. Here's me chairing the closing panel. Recognise any faces? By the way note there's just one white man (me). So you can do it if you try.



My pick of the week's essential reading for business and HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

Of course its good to devote 15 or 30 minutes to a mindfulness or meditation practice but you can also have dramatic effects on the mind and body in just a few seconds.If you want to get really serious, one of my favourites books tells you how: The Three Pillars of Zen.

This great article explains why there are more male than female entrepreneurs and what causes this. It shows that psychological factors, within both men and women are at play and outlines what needs to change. (When I was googling for this image only a handful  out of the top 50 ranked featured a woman!)


Its great to hear pithy advice from leaders who've achieved great success. They don't come bigger than Jack Ma., Exec. chair and co-founder of Ali Baba. My favourite bit of advice? "To manage smart people you have to use culture, the value system .... If you just want to use rules and laws and documents to control - that's how you control stupid people." Also he says "Don't doubt, Do sleep".

Fiona Murden explains all about her work on potential and assessing executives. It's also well worth buying her book. The podcast is an episode on The Innovations Show -  weekly show interviewing leaders in their fields, authors, renowned professors, inventors, innovators, change-makers and mavericks to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious.

Nod, keep quiet, open your palms, and watch those feet. Maybe all this is a bit manipulative but it might help those more socially ill at ease (and even those that aren't) so what the heck!

In this disturbing and challenging article Pearn and Kandola offer some original research showing the prevalence of racism at work. It's a little short on actions you can take in response. Email me if you have ideas and resources that I could share here.

This HBR article makes the obvious but often overlooked link between strategy and creativity. Often traditional strategy tools seem dry and formulaic. While they are still important it is also important to harness forward looking creativity otherwise you could just be describing what's there, not what should or could be.

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

This week's taster of my book...

"If the whole of human history were represented by one human life of eighty years, the first seventy-five years would have been spent in small tribes, hunting and gathering in ways wholly recognisable to those who first walked the savannah. At age seventy-five, people would have started coming together in larger tribes, some nomadic but most setting up the first small farming communities. Only in he last year of this symbolic eighty-year-old’s life would people ave been settling down in the earliest cities and inventing such basic foundations for civilisation as the wheel and writing. Just a few months before the person’s death, the invention of the printing press would have meant pamphlets and books becoming available to more than just a tiny elite. The industrial revolution wouldn’t occur until the final month or so; TV in the last week; mobile phones in the last few days; Google, Facebook, the iPhone, VR, AI pretty much in the last hours, or even minutes, before death. Suddenly we have gone from existing within limitless space to living in an age where, in every sense, the space around us is indiscriminately filled multiple times over."
Introduction, page 2

And finally …  Hats off to Plaza Construction and their CEO Richard Wood, the new York building firm who's giving a very clear sign that they take a gender neutral workplace seriously! (New York Post)


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