Wednesday 27th March 2019

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A very short bulletin this week as I am getting ready to go on a family holiday to Florida. Just one profound article from The School of Life and an excerpt from my own book "Create Space" which contains much on the same theme. You can also check out my latest video and podcast, (also on iTunes and Spotify). I am away for two and a half weeks so this is the last bulletin for 3 weeks. Normal service will be resumed on Wednesday 24th April. See you then! 

Quote of the week: "It is absurd that a person should rule others, who cannot rule him or herself" — Latin Proverb



This week's most essential read:

Written, I assume, by Alain de Botton, or at least overseen by him this is a short, sharp but beautifully written essay on how we need to embrace the simple and not do too much. It looks at:







.. and, crucially:

Fewer People; Fewer Commitments


PS For more on sleep check out my World Sleep day blogpost from a couple of weeks ago

This week's taster of my book...

"What I was beginning to realise was that creating space isn’t just one way of becoming more successful, it actually underpins such growth and success per se. It is the prerequisite for being able to really change. Because before you can develop and grow, you first have to create the space to allow you to think, feel and act differently. If you simply try and bolt on some behavioural change or developmental goal to how you operate now, it may have some effect but it won’t be truly transformative. This thinking led me to the second insight that underpins this book: Before you set out to grow as a leader, you must first create the space that you will grow into. Creating space is the a priori task that unlocks optimal personal performance and development".

Introduction, page 7


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