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Quite a few of you have been in touch about our new psychometric the DEEPQ Potential Profiler (see the image below), asking how you your organisation can join the Beta phase and get FREE Potential Profiling for you and your people. You can find out how to get involved here or just email us

This week's youtube video and podcast look at Chapter 8 of my book "Create Space" (currently 25% off! on Amazon) and are all about creating space to deliver - arguably the end point of all the things professional. You can find both on the homepage of my website or at itunes, spotify and YouTube.

Finally, if you enjoy this bulletin you may well enjoy my friend's new initiative The People Space Leaders Academy. Its a great hub for all things HR and well-worth checking out (I'm not on commission!).

Quote of the week: "There's no escalator to success. Only stairs" Anon.


My pick of the week's reading for business & HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

This is a fantastic overview of what all managers need to do - and be. The result of a huge research project, this provides a handy checklist and is great reading to send to all managers in your organisation. Its also worth reading the original New York Times article about the project.

How many of the 10 attributes are you good at?

This week's next best five:


One of the leading HR leaders in the world Leena Nair is always worth listening to. Here she addresses several issues along with her rallying cry that HR to be out and proud. She also personifies the idea of a growth mindset as you can see from her series of blogs.

What have you committed to learn today?

Aimed at Generation Z but applicable to almost everyone I'm not 1000% in agreement with these (the overworking one particularly) but there's some good stuff here about what you should be thinking about if you are ambitious to get on.
How many of the 6 things do you do? If not why not?

This is an excellent overview of the various forms of leadership that have evolved over the last decades. I'm not too sure about the last one but for a quick comprehensive romp through leadership theory you won't read much better.
Which leadership type are you?

Some really good stuff from the Amazon boss. Its less about following his way but being ultra conscious - as he is - of the way you work best and why. Spend an hour watching the whole interview and you won't regret it.
When are you at your most productive? What do you need to do to prepare for a great day at work?

I keep away from politics as a rule but given that this guy is pretty certain to the leader of the UK I thought I'd share this fascinating story. Written by Jeremy Vine it gives an up close and personal glimpse at the working methods of Boris. Make sure you read to the end.
So, fraud or genius? Either way get ready!

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

Conversations matter greatly - a reminder of how important 1:1 conversations are to getting things done, and getting on.

The Single-Mother Conundrum - a great piece from Korn Ferry about a neglected category of workers.

The 3 Challenges Every New CEO Faces - Interesting read from the HBR - applicable to all bosses actually, old or new.

Want to Be a Better Manager? Get a Protégé - the benefits of being a sponsor - for the sponsor!

Sheryl Sandberg says 60% of male managers are afraid to have a one-on-one meeting with a female employee - thought provoking stuff from the Lean-in Lady.

Handling Negative Emotions in a Way that’s Good for Your Team - brilliant. On reflection should have been in my top 5 but I can't bear re-dig things :)

How not to say the wrong thing - insightful, rather practical piece about how to "Comfort In and Dump Out".The first example is extraordinary.

This Has Been a Top Employee Motivator for Over 46 Years - can you guess what it is? If you do well done! (That's a clue)

This week's taster of my book...

"A leader who hasn’t created ... space for herself will be operating in a way that is primarily about responding to what is happening around her. She will be working hard, but in a way shaped by externalities, not herself. She will feel she has little or no space and is far from being in command of her own life. A leader who consciously and consistently creates space, on the other hand, takes decisive control over her working life. She creates space so that she can think through and decide her own priorities and then have the space to work on these. She constantly creates and manages space rather than falling victim to a lack of it. She proactively chooses how to fill the space she creates rather than letting it be filled by events or the demands of others. This is much more than just a question of time, or even energy, although it is certainly those things, it is primarily a state of mind. She becomes the master of her destiny.
Introduction, pages 11 & 12

and finally ...

Think your TO DO list is bad? Check out Leonardo De Vinci's!

* Disclaimer: I got this from the internet so it may well be apocryphal i.e. made-up. Worth pondering anyway I think :)


I’d love to hear from you about the items in this bulletin or anything else, particularly great content you’ve seen that I could include in future: If you think a friend or colleague would find this interesting, then forward this bulletin and they can sign up here

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