Wednesday 15th May 2019

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I am sure you all know by now that this is mental health awareness week. So I guess that does what it said on the tin. There's lots of great materials out there but I thought I'd highlight the practical work done by a business where I gave a talk at not so long ago, the PR company Porter Novell, and the latest thinking from the  founders of women's network Allbright, which, among many other things, covers the issue of achieving balance every day. My best advice for boosting wellbeing? Meditation. Try it now. Finally, research shows that feeling connected creates a sense of wellbeing and by co-incidence this week's youtube video and podcast look at Chapter 5 of my book "Create Space" and are all about creating space to share (on an emotional level). You can find both on the homepage of my website or at itunes, spotify and YouTube.

Quote of the week: "Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself." - Thomas J. Watson Sr.



My pick of the week's reading for business & HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

A great interview with the Cal Newport, author of Deep Work". It outlines his 4 rules for really focussing and creating:

  1. Work deeply
  2. Embrace boredom
  3. Quit social media
  4. Drain the shallows

It's all good stuff, but then our company slogan at CDP is working deep so we would say that I guess!

How much deep work did you do today? How can you do more tomorrow?

This week's next best five:


You may have heard about attachment, and its importance especially to babies and children. But the idea is important to how we cat as adults too. This fantastic article looks at how "our subconscious programming — developed through our youth and on into adulthood — plays a huge role in how we survive or thrive at work".

How does your “attachment style” affect your office relationships at work?".

This Linkedin post is a great summary of why you need to say "no"more and how to do it. It's one of the key ways of finding the focus referred to in the first tecommended article. As the author, James Clear, makes says When you say no, you are only saying no to one option. When you say yes, you are saying no to every other option."
How many times have you said no in the last 7 days? How many times should you have?

This interview with Rachel Montagu, an expert on boards, is an insightful read if you're either a board member orsomeone who works with a board. Among other things it covers the role of the board  vis a vis the Exec. Committee and CEO, structure, diversity, and using a board's time wisely.

Thank goodness for this article from the CCL which addresses the nonsense in a recent HBR cover story in HBR. As I've said before how the original article ever got greenlighted I'll never know.
How good is your feedback culture? NB A  new consultant is about to join CDP who is an expert in feedback so watch this space if you think your company's feedback culture could be improved...

This interesting LSE piece is more than its rather dull headline about "measuring" things. It looks at how the left logical" brain has become too dominant and explains why we also nee dto tap into the right emotional" brain to communicate and act as leaders. great stuff!"
Are you too "left brain" dominated?

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

This week's taster of my book...

"The need to create more space seems virtually ubiquitous in our modern, busy world, and applies in all areas of our lives: to our relationships with our wives, husbands, and significant others; to our friendships; to our roles as parents; to how we relate to – and look after – ourselves. It is also a need keenly felt in that most busy arena of our lives – the world of work. My interest in space had been initially triggered by my work as a leadership consultant, and I found myself fascinated by how these ideas had the possibility for creating profound change in my clients. So my thinking about space began to focus on what the phenomenon meant for the world of work, and in particular, for people aspiring to be leaders in business. The model for ‘Creating Space’ which I went on to develop, maps onto Lefebvre’s descriptive definitions though it is more behavioural in its orientation, with four overarching dimensions: 1. Space to Think 2. Space to Connect 3. Space to Do 4. Space to Be "
Introduction, page 9

and finally ...

It's a cracker!


I’d love to hear from you about the items in this bulletin or anything else, particularly great content you’ve seen that I could include in future: If you think a friend or colleague would find this interesting, then forward this bulletin and they can sign up here

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