Wednesday 6th March 2019

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What a humdinger this week's bulletin is. Do share on your social networks. This week we also launch our weekly podcast and youtube video. You can also find both on the homescreen of my website, and the podcast is also on spotify and iTunes. Episode 1 looks at what creating space is and why it's so important. I told my kids that I was now a youtuber and they said, "Dad, youtube's not for boring stuff". I hope you won't find it boring! Let me know.

A special International Women's Day Quote of the week: " Power is not given to you. You have to take it" Beyonce



My pick of the week's essential reading for business and HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

To celebrate International Women's Day this Friday here are some great articles, and a picture of the two amazing women in my life (in the audience at last weekend's "Dancing on Ice")

CCL, the Centre for creative Leadership published a fantastic resource all about mentoring and sponsoring women. It is packed full of insights and very practical advice. Really worth sharing

More women in the workplace isn't just a matter of social justice it will also help the economy. Christine Lagard, the IMF Managing Director, says in some countries it could be boosted by as much as 35%. She also observes, "I chair meetings at which men and women are present, normally with fewer women than men. Whenever a woman takes the floor there is a general reduction in the attention of men around the table, and sometimes chatting and gossiping amongst themselves.”

Finally, two clients I have worked with put out their own content on IWD. Diageo made a series of films where their people shared their experiences and Dentsu Aegis had a whole day of activities - something all companies should consider.


I've mentioned this in a previous bulletin but here's a new take on the secret of great teams discovered by google

Here are the five things they say matter (also see image). The last one being the absolutely the most important. How psychologically safe is your team?

Read the engrossing original New York Times article.

Plus this is a great review of a book by the leading academic in this area, Amy Edmondson of HBS.

google tell the story themselves on their excellent website Re:Work for all things people related. Check it out

Great article describing the 3 signs of being toxic in the workplace and what to do about it. Any of these apply to you - or someone you know?
1. You make everything about you
2. You say and do passive-aggressive things
3. You're jealous of others' success

Being passionate about work is great - up to a point. This excellent piece differentiates between harmonious passion  obsessive passion. They offer a checklistof 6 warning signs and 4 great ideas for how to get the balance right.

From the BPS Research Digest this paper looks at the dark side of competition and highlight situations between people that where business and HR leaders need to avoid.

I'm always suspicious of articles with"the one thing" type headlines but this is actually a great piece, packed with personal anecdotes and practical advice for entrepreneurs (and all of us intrapreneurs too!). The author, Paul Blanchard, also presents two podcast that are well worth checking out.

This fascinating research from Ipsps MORIlooks at what it means to be old today, exploring our ageing societies and theirchallenges and opportunities. How should business and HR leaders respond?

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

This week's taster of my book...

"When I was a child, if I wanted to read a book I had to walk to the library and check it out; our typical family holiday was in the Lake District fifty miles away; a new kids’ film at the local cinema was a twice-yearly event; and two (out of a total of three) channels provided an hour’s worth of children’s TV each evening. Filling time and space required effort. I had fallow periods where I had to think about what I wanted to do. I then had to expend time and effort to make those things happen.My children, on the other hand, are immersed in a tablet world with instantaneous access to a limitless array of videos, reading and games. They can talk to virtually anyone and see virtually anything in the world. They can fill all the space they have with just a few clicks. They don’t ever really have to think about what to do. They never have to wait. Their minds need never be empty. They can be passive consumers of whatever is tantalising and easy to reach."
Introduction, page 3

Watch this heartwarming video

Imagine this was how we greeted each other every morning at work.

(You get to choose between a high-five, a fist bump or a hug)


I’d love to hear from you about the items in this bulletin or anything else, particularly great content you’ve seen that I could include in future: If you think a friend or colleague would find this interesting, then forward this bulletin and they can sign up here

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