Wednesday 12th March 2019

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So this is edition 4 and I've had some great feedback so far. Do let me know if there are areas you'd like covering more (or less!) and do email me anything that catches your eye so I can include it in next week's issue. Out this week are my latest video and podcast, (also on iTunes and Spotify) both covering Chapter 2 of my book, creating space to reflect - a vital leadership capability.

Quote of the week: "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority" — Kenneth Blanchard



My pick of the week's essential reading for business and HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

1. Mindset and values

2 EQ

3. Manager transition

4. Coaching

5. Feedback

6. Decision- making

I actually think that no. 3 is the most important, yet least practised .Find out more.

google actually make their new manager training publicly available for you to use, check it out.


This great article from Zena Everett lists all of the signs of imposter syndrome but also explains the 3 ways you can break free of it:

1. Ignore your feelings and look objectively at your situation.

2. Feelings are not facts, and don’t reflect reality

3. Behave like a successful person

I have to admit Sue's a friend but she is also one of the wisest women I know, so this is well-worth a listen.

Toby Young often writes about "social justice warriors" and "PC gone mad". here he takes aim at companies who he thinks are giving in too easily to left-liberal ideology. Agree of disagree? (Or like me somewhere in the middle?)

How evolutionary and psychodynamic psychology might help explain the embarrassing fact that there are more men called Dave than women who are FTSE100 CEOs. Could male, female, and societal "core pathogenic beliefs" (CPBs) be at least partly to blame.
(If you want to know more about CPBs download CDP's thought paper)

The main point in this article put me in mind of the quote of the week from a few weeks ago: Managers manage things, leaders manage people". An oversimplification but I think there's something in it, as does David Deacon, as you'll see...

One for L&D professionals. Are you stuck in the pre-digital age? According to David James you might be. He explains why and what you can do about it. Very insightful and practical.

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

This week's taster of my book...

"My interest, though, on that warm evening back in my hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi, was not in futurology or even philosophy, but in the immediately practical. How can we reinstate some of that sense of space that I had felt on Mount Longonot back into our busy, modern lives? How can we step back and regain some control? If we don’t, our time and energy will be increasingly taken up dealing, almost unconsciously, with a deluge of information, stimulation and demands over which we effectively exert little choice. I went to bed with all these thoughts swirling around my mind. In the morning I woke up and turned to a new page in my notebook. I wrote down what was to become the first key insight of this book: We have become the first generation in one thousand generations of human beings who, rather than having the need to fill space, have the need to create it."
Introduction, page 4

Take a moment and breath. This technique, called Four square breathing is used by US Navy seals to reduce anxiety and create a sense of groundedness. Hilary Clinton used it during her debates with Donald Trump to keep cool and calm. Use it whenever you need to but start right now. Do it half a dozen times and feel how it changes how you are feeling.


I’d love to hear from you about the items in this bulletin or anything else, particularly great content you’ve seen that I could include in future: If you think a friend or colleague would find this interesting, then forward this bulletin and they can sign up here

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